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/ December 2, 2009
Hipster, Hobo or NYU Student?

tumblr_kthtgfXBd71qa4hp3o1_500In class yesterday, my teacher Google Image searched “brooklyn hipster,” clicked one of the first images and found that four people in our group of 20 or so knew the thick-spectacled, clearly drunk hipster on the screen in front of us. This particular specimen was of the vaguely well-kempt variety, but a visit to any Gallatin or Tisch class reveals a handful hipsters looking a little more homeless than Williamsburg. Welcome, kids, to NYU 9 download.

The line between people who live in a box and students who shopped Soho for the most rumpled clothing possible has become so unclear that “Hobo or NYU Student?” is a legitimate pastime while walking through campus. (The pedestrian’s version of a car game, if you will.) If you’re not in the mood to walk all the way to campus to play, check out Hipster is the New Homeless for a digital alternative. The site is dedicated to “those who continue to blur the line between hipsters and homeless people,” but we think they could have summed that up more concisely by just dedicating it to NYU.