Lady Gaga’s 2005 NYU Talent Show Performance

Of all of the impressive and talented people to attend our fine university, Lady Gaga is undoubtedly the weirdest.. Make it happen download. but also the most currently buzzworthy. Popcrunch uncovered this video of Gaga performing at a lowly ol’ NYU talent show back in 2005. I can’t tell where it was filmed from the footage, but let us know if you have an idea.

UPDATE: It seems this performance was from Ultraviolet Live. See their 2005 Facebook group (with a Gaga mention) here. Thanks to commenter Meb Byrne for the heads up.


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  1. says

    If this is when she did UVL, I heard she finished in second place. By all appearances, it seems to be UVL, especially with the three-judge panel off to the side. Look up who hosted UVL that year & see if it matches.

  2. Chuck Jones says

    Wow. I thought she could play the piano but she’s even more accomplished than I thought. How prophetic – changing the world with her lips. I found this to be a very endearing performance. Thank you for sharing this peek into her years when she was developing her talent and becoming Lady Gaga. She’s incredible. Go Gaga go.