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/ November 4, 2009
Under the Arch Wants to Make Your Reality TV Dreams Come True

In the valley of elah download.10-AM.png” alt=”Screen shot 2009-11-04 at 11.18.10 AM” width=”259″ height=”128″ />We know the primary reason you came to NYU was for a shot at getting on The City, MTV’s sad excuse for a Hills NYC remake. Well, burgeoning reality stars, your time as come! According to a New York Post article and a Wall Street Journal blog from last week, Under The Arch, a web series started in October 2006 by NYUer Sean Patrick Murray, is hosting an “open call” for the second season of the show they describe as “nine NYU students living their dream.”

If you think you have a special enough life at NYU to make us watch the second season, head on over to David Barton Gym (yes that’s the new gym on Astor Place that looks like a nightclub for yoga lovers) from November 16-20. The trailer they released is pretty good. Murray’s honesty with his project, which MTV has rarely been with its pop-realities, was best described in this quote from WSJ:

Although he strives for realism, Murray says that there is an unavoidable element of artifice that goes with the show, so that the cameras know where to be to record what’s going on. “We’ll get together once a week and talk about the stories we want to tell in the same way that anyone who creates a play or movie does,” he says.

Watch their trailer here and let us know what you think about it: