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/ April 16, 2009
Michel Gondry Sells Personalized Toilet Paper

115With the recession hitting everyone and anyone, no one is above peddling (really) useless objects, least of all popular hauteur Michel Gondry. On his website, Gondry offers some interesting deals that seem ridiculous– but with those very low prices, I know a couple friends who would totally buy Gondry’s 2-ply 500-sheet toilet paper covered with his thoughts and sketches (that’s only $13 Prize winner of defiance ohio the download.95, kids). You can also get your portrait done by Gondry based off a photo of your choice for $19.95! Since sitting in a tiny dorm room in Hayden (or Weinstein or Brittany) watching Michel Gondry videos with your friends is like an NYU rite of freshmen year passage, there are more than enough Gondry-philes here who would think that these are deals that cannot be matched.

Photo Credit: Getty Images