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/ January 28, 2009
You Are The Olsen Twins, Says Danielle Baskin [Steinhardt ’10]

MK&APerusing her friends’ Facebook profiles, NYU junior Woodstock download.html”>Danielle Baskin had an idea involving our university’s most famous drop-outs. Using photos she snagged from various tagged albums, Baskin turned to Photoshop to superimpose various NYU faces onto the bodies of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

You Are the Olsen Twins showcases Baskin’s simple and undeniably awkward re-workings, which add a distinct creepiness factor to the girls’ signature mirroring cocked heads and make full use of the endless well of photos of the two from premieres to Got Milk ads.

“I originally decided to go to NYU because I’m a huge fan of the Olsen twins,” Baskin told Local today. “When I actually got a chance to hang out with Mary-Kate and Ashley  I thought, ‘these girls are mad lame, but they are so cute.’ I wish everyone had a cute identical twin of themselves,” she continued in what I suspect was a sardonic tone.

Though certainly lo-fi and relatively quick to make, the site screams “NYU internet meme” based especially on the fact that Baskin is willing to give the treatment to anyone who asks—and even some who don’t. Try to recognize the faces she has already done or shoot her an email at [email protected] to be added to the collection.

In addition to this casual digital project Baskin also works in paintings, sketches, installations and even designs her own fully painted bike helmets, available for purchase at All of her work is collected at her beautiful official website, which also includes a section titled “experiments”. In it, Baskin details a sort of vigilante art project she completed in March of last year.

“Rarely do people acknowledge or question the authenticity of those “donor paintings” they see around college campuses,” she writes on her website. “I decided to paint the portrait of a man who donated nothing to NYU and hang it in Tisch Hall in NYU’s Stern School of Business.” Tisch Hall

She describes doing a Google image search for “peter old man” and finding the “perfect face: Mr. Georgescu, CEO of advertising agency Young & Rubicam.” Using a friend to distract the security guard in the building, Baskin hung the painting in Tisch Hall where it remained untouched for three weeks.

So check her out, ride safe and most importantly, embrace your inner twin.