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/ October 29, 2008
MTV Resurrects The Music Video

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Talking Heads |MTV Music

Video killed the radio star and then MTV went on to kill music television. Beginning with the systematic replacement of each music video with like, fifteen new Lauren Conrad’s and then finally calling the end-game axing of TRL, MTV has been battling music for a while now. Luckily for music video fans, they’ve put together a nice consolation prize,, and it looks great.

We all know nothing really counts unless it’s on the internet, and MTV just totally stepped up their web game. One-upping YouTube, MTV unloaded vaults full of music videos onto their new website. There will be no drunken covers, living room superstars, or rick-rolling here (well, unless this counts). Check out Katy Perry’s latest, and then you can check out the original—they are all there, and in full form.

From the looks of the site, it’s clean, easy to use, and there’s no fear of that “This video has been removed” message. And for all you bloggers out there, the videos are emmeddable. With a site this comprehensive, what’s not to love?

And so, with the launching of their new Music Television Music website, I never have to turn the dial to MTV again, and all can be forgiven. Except maybe this.