[VIDEO] Asking For It: NYU Local Explores Street Harassment

In a city where street harassment is omnipresent, many students have learned to simply deal with the catcalls and assaults that come with the territory. We don’t have much of a choice, especially in a society that still largely dismisses the too-long looks and jeering as misunderstood “compliments.” In an effort to capture the reality of what street harassment actually feels like, a few volunteers took walks around the neighborhood wearing partially hidden Go Pro video cameras. We also asked NYU students about their own experiences and opinions regarding harassment, in order to get a more comprehensive idea of what’s going on around Washington Square Park. For some reason, creeps and weirdos still think they have the authority to whistle at total strangers — we want to find out why.

NYU Local TV via Youtube.


  • David Smith
    December 2, 2013

    Wait…that recording at the start – are you saying that was harassment?! If that’s the best example you could find of harassment you really need to find another job.

    • Kelly Weill
      December 2, 2013

      Yeah, guys! Find a better example of a man approaching a woman unasked, following her, and demanding where she’s going, or find another job!

  • Mel Johnston
    December 3, 2013

    @David, let me break it down for you because apparently this intelligent and honest piece was not enough: what you saw in the beginning of this video was intimidation. The man demanded information from a stranger, followed her, and then oddly placed blame onto her. Intimidation and harassment? These two things are pretty much inextricable in these situations because perpetrators often find subtle (or not so subtle) ways to make the victim feel as if they can’t speak out or remove themselves from what’s occurring. Go ahead and call me crazy, but I tend to think that intimidating another human in order to get what you want is harassment across all contexts.

    Apologies if my tone is harsh, but you need to learn compassion and understanding, dog.

    Thanks for reporting this, NYU Local folks.

  • Connor Durkin
    December 11, 2013

    Dear Anonymous Real Talk:

    Your longwinded comment must be comprehensive and correct. I mean look at your name! You’re not here to shoot the shit. Your going to give us the real talk.

    Unfortunately for you, we do not approve anonymous comments. Oh no! How will our readers be able to see your thoughtful (and not at all offensive) comment!

    If you want your comment to go up, then put a name on it. Stand by your opinion, just like our reporters did with this video.

    Also, I’m guessing yourmom22@yahoo.com is not your email. I mean seriously – who even uses Yahoo anymore?

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