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/ September 3, 2013
140-Character Campaign: NYC Mayoral Twitter Round-Up

The NYC Mayoral race is running up to the first tipping point with the primaries. While plenty of outlets (including some of our own alumns) have been covering every detail of the race, we here at NYU Local want to focus on a crucial component of the election — what are our candidates’ Twitters like? Check out a breakdown of some candidates’ 140-character feeds, and retweet as you’d like.


Bill De Blasio:
Bio — “Lucky husband of @Chirlane. Proud public school parent. Public Advocate. Running for mayor to ensure every New Yorker, in every borough, gets a fair shot.”
Stats — @BilldeBlaso: 3,759 tweets, 646 following, 12, 054 followers; @deBlasoNYC:

Some of the wealthiest New Yorkers dine on $350 steaks while 1.9 million residents live on $31.50 per week in food stamps. #TaleofTwoCities

— Bill de Blasio (@deBlasioNYC) September 2, 2013

.@Chirlane greeting supporters on the parade route! #WestIndianDayParade

— Bill de Blasio (@deBlasioNYC) September 2, 2013

¿Tienes un minuto? RT y dile a tus amigos que encuentren su equipo de campaña local hoy. #TeamdeBlasio

— Bill de Blasio (@deBlasioNYC) September 2, 2013

Bill De Blasio is fighting hard to get votes everywhere, no matter what the polling data says. It reads like a mayor’s twitter: creative at times, good pictures and retweets, even with a touch of correct Spanish to separate himself from El Bloombito. Also, bold strategy at-tagging the wife in the first sentence of the bio.

Christine C. Quinn Bio — “I am the Speaker of the @NYCCouncil and Council Member for the 3rd District // New York, New York Stats — @ChrisCQuinn: 3,666 tweets, 546 followering, 23,427 followers; @Quinn4NYC: 1,906 tweets, 2,538 following, 8,762 followers

Chris’s pants and #TeamQuinn are making a splash at the #WestIndianDayParade! — Christine Quinn (@Quinn4NY) September 2, 2013

Talking with families @FairwayMarket in #redhook! #laborday — Christine Quinn (@Quinn4NY) September 2, 2013

The @NYSharks join #TeamQuinn at the #WestIndianDayParade!

— Christine Quinn (@Quinn4NY) September 2, 2013

With the Democratic race chock full of candidates, it might get hard to distinguish one’s self from the pack. Quinn’s Twitter is trying to get us voters to realize how unique of a person/leader/candidate she is. Look at her crazy pants! Look at this baby she’s holding in Red Hook! Look, she knows NYC has a women’s football team!

Bill Thompson
Bio — Former New York City Comptroller & President of the Board of Education. Proud to run for Mayor of the greatest city in the world! // New York City
Stats — @BillThompsonNYC:  1,313 tweets, 544 following, 10,378 followers

Come to our #Brooklyn debate watch party tmrw at 7pm and support #Thompson2013 #Brooklyn #NYC2013

— Thompson2013 (@BillThompsonNYC) September 2, 2013

Hey #CrownHeights #Brooklyn let’s canvass for #Thompson2013 tomorrow RSVP and info

— Thompson2013 (@BillThompsonNYC) August 31, 2013

This is the shot. @BillThompsonNYC #NYC2013

— Dani Lever (@Dani_Lever) September 2, 2013

Straightforward and informative. The intern running Bill Thompson’s twitter is good at his/her job.

BONUS: Anthony Weiner

Bio: ”


— Anthony Weiner (@repweiner) August 30, 2013

If you don’t know why this single-letter tweet has 200+ retweets, then we are jealous of your offthegrid lifestyle.


Joe Lhota
Bio — ” I love this City. I love its diversity. I cherish its optimism. I will be the 109th Mayor of the City of New York. // Brooklyn Heights, NYC”
Stats — @JoeLhota: 583 tweets, 66 following, 5,677 followers; @JoeLhota4Mayor: 787 tweets, 121 following, 1,962 followers

It is great to receive the @TheWaveNews endorsement. I’m looking forward to spending this afternoon in the Rockaways.

— JOE LHOTA (@JoeLhota) August 31, 2013

@SI_Bike_Assoc: @errollouis Quinn is Anti cop And Joe is Anti Union..”…..Calling me anti union is like calling you anti bike. Try facts.

— JOE LHOTA (@JoeLhota) August 25, 2013

Great to be back on the floor of the NYSE this morning.

— JOE LHOTA (@JoeLhota) August 27, 2013

The Republican twitters are Internet manifestations of where each candidate thinks they are in this race. Joe Lhota tweets like a frontrunner: thanks supporters, shuns the haters, and goes about his business. He slowly builds cred until after September 10th, when he’ll probably take the Republican nomination.

John Catsimatias
Bio – “Official Twitter account for NYC Mayoral Candidate John Catsimatidis. A New Yorker For All New Yorkers.” //New York City
Stats — @JCats2013: 903 tweets, 2,046 following, 3,370 followers

“Lhota would have let kittens get run over” – @nypost Just proves the point; @JoeLhota has a problem with Cats:

— John Catsimatidis (@JCats2013) August 30, 2013

I Love ALL Kittens A Bengal TIGER Kitten in my Office – JAC PS NYT & NYP will Criticize me for not Calling it a Cub

— John Catsimatidis (@JCats2013) September 1, 2013

I miss My Cat Cottonball – JAC

— John Catsimatidis (@JCats2013) August 31, 2013

#JCats reminds us exactly what the Internet was made for: talking smack, throwing shade, and cats. Catsimatidis is doing anything and everything to make Lhota look bad. This may or may not include telling everyone Lhota likes murdering kittens. Of course, like many Twitterites, he might have taken it too far, like when he at-tagged the ASPCA, the NY Humane Society, and other animal cruelty shelters.

John McDonald Bio – “Homeless Advocate, Social Entrepreneur, Founder and President of@TheDoeFund // New York, NY” Stats – @GeorgeTMcDonald: 945 tweets, 451 followering, 491 followers; @McDonald4Mayor: 951 tweets, 1,735 following, 1,685 followers

Thanks to a great actor and friend #EthanHawke for your generous support. — George McDonald (@McDonald4NYC) August 30, 2013

Elections are important but with a graduation rate under 65% it’s best HS students stay in school. @ChrisCQuinn @SallyGold

— George McDonald (@McDonald4NYC) August 30, 2013

Poor neurotic Gus was lonely, we need a polar bear couple at the zoo. #HonorGus

— George McDonald (@McDonald4NYC) August 29, 2013 

And John McDonald is the middle child, not the longshot, not the front runner. He just sits back and rides the news waves, tweeting about relevant NYC issues and name-dropping like the best of them. We bet he has a TweetDeck alert for when @JCats2013 and @JoeLhota interact, chuckling quietly as he reads them in the dead of night.

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