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/ May 10, 2013
Former NYU VP Catches Heat In Benghazi Hearing

The big event in D.C. yesterday was the Republicans’ investigation into the attack in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans last September. The underlying goal of the investigation, as BuzzFeed reports, is to call into question the response from Hilary Clinton, whose State Department was mostly responsible to respond to the attack in Libya. This investigation looks forward of the 2016 Presidential Election in which Clinton is an ostensible Democratic front-runner. And while Clinton received most of the media coverage, interestingly enough a former member of the NYU community is drawing heat as well.

Cheryl Mills, who was Clinton’s chief of staff during the Benghazi attack, served as NYU’s VP of Operations and Administration from 2002-2006. She also acted briefly as the university’s General Counsel from 2006-7. Mills had come to NYU from Bill Clinton’s administration, where she helped defend the President during his impeachment trial, and shared a seat in President Sexton’s cabinet alongside Jack Lew (who is currently facing his own criticisms in Congress.)

Mills’s role following the Benghazi incident, like most of those surrounding incident in general, are complicated. Investigators in yesterday’s hearing focused largely on Gregory Hicks, who was deputy chief of mission in Libya the night of the attack. Hicks claims he was demoted after asking too many questions about Clinton’s office’s response to the attack.

Supporting this claim is a call he received from Mills, in which she was “upset” that Hicks had spoken with investigators without a lawyer present. Clinton’s camp has of course denied allegations of wrongdoing and information suppression surrounding Benghazi, a viewpoint made public in a letter a longtime Clinton aide sent to MSNBC.

Still, investigators say they will press on.”The hearing is now over, but the investigation is not,” said congressman Darrell Issa. Will the investigation have a negative impact on Mills much in the way her fellow former-VP Jack Lew’s investigation has come back to bite him?  Probably not. The investigation at this point is mostly targeted at Hilary Clinton and damaging her potential 2016 run. But 2016 get closer and closer every day. And as much as we hate to look forward to the next Presidential cycle, those seeking to investigate Benghazi, which is now eight months in the past and counting, appear to have no problem drawing out the proceedings as long — and close to 2016 — as they can.

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