Coles CitiBike Station Lies In 2031 Plan’s Shadow Of Destruction

NYU 2031 may sound far off — we’ll all be in our 30s or 40s by then! — but the effects of NYU’s expansion plan will be felt before many of us graduate.

Docking stations for CitiBike, NYC’s bike share set to launch this month, began sprouting up around campus last week. As attendees of Shabbat For 2000 observed on Friday, one of the stations was installed in front of Coles Athletic Center.

Most stations, like those next to Silver and the Law School, were installed on the street or sidewalk. But the 30-bike station on Mercer and Bleecker Streets was installed on the private plaza in front of Coles. The CitiBike station map indicates that the Coles station is “located on private property (pending approval).” Presumably, this means NYU’s property.

The only problem? Coles is slated to be destroyed next year. According to the 2031 plan, Coles will be one of the first facilities demolished to make way for the proposed “Zipper Building.” Beginning this summer, a temporary athletic facility is planned for one block north of Coles’s current location, in a space that currently holds a playground. Then, in summer 2014, Coles is on the chopping block to make way for the Zipper Building.

Which makes us wonder: what will happen to the bike share station? While Coles has a plaza with ample space for the bike dock, the Zipper Building, according to the plans, runs right up to the sidewalk and affords no such space. Could this mean that 30 bikes will be wiped off the grid by the 2031 plan?

Ours appears to be a unique case for CitiBike; a cursory look at a few dozen stations in Manhattan found ours to be the only located on “private property” — the rest are in parking lanes or on sidewalks. It seems misguided — or at least poor planning — to install this 30-bike station which lies in the shadow of destruction of NYU’s expansion plan.

We reached out to NYU and CitiBike for comment on this particular station. Neither responded, but we will update if we hear back. Until then, enjoy the station in front of Coles (while it lasts!)

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  1. Mark Jones says

    More importantly is the question how NYU is going to pay for the Zipper building. Isn’t tuition already expensive enough?

  2. Maureen Sagan says

    Mark, the reality is despite NYU being the 2nd most expensive college in America,we are the largest private university in America, there is no shortage of students here. NYU will keep raising tuition and students will continue to apply and attend. It is sad that so many students borrow ridiculous loans for a bachelor’s degree at what is not even a top 30 school.

  3. David Githron says

    Maureen – I agree with you that currently students, parents and government are continually funding more and more to attend universities, particurally very expensive universities such as NYU that provide very little financial aid. However, this cannot continue forever. If NYU already costs this much for a student to attend, imagine what it is going to cost with all of these expensive new buildings.

    My point is why do we need one of the largest private universities in the U.S. to be in the center of Manhattan. I attended NYU and it was a great experience. However, I’m not sure it’s benefical to have 40 odd thousand students attending one of the most expensive universities in the country. We would be better off with a smaller student body in Greenwich Village with the other odd 20 thousand attending a university in a more cost efficient setting……