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/ April 4, 2013
How To Reap The Most From Your NYU Card After Graduating

Graduation’s fast approaching, and while your eyes well up as you order graduation tickets, receive (or don’t receive) a golden tassel and prep your Vitamin C cassette tapes, we would like to take a moment and remind you of one major benefit of post-grad life: The NYU Card. Yes, that purple piece of plastic that’s been graced by so many a security guard’s glance over these past four years will serve you well into your adult hell life as well.


Here’s how to reap the most from your NYU Card after graduating.*


Your ID already gets you into museums like the New Museum, MoMA, Whitney, Frick Collection and a bunch more. Most just look for a flash of an NYU ID, so you can continue to enjoy weekends full of studied erudition (That is what you’ve been doing on weekends, right?)


After graduation, we’ll all still be living in Lower Manhattan, right? Wrong: We’ll all be broke and living deep in Brooklyn (or, gasp, Queens!). Should you ever find yourself near NYU though, you’ll want a place to go should nature call (And we all know Starbucks is gross). Without scanning your card, you can find personal bathrooms in the sub-basement of Weinstein, Warren Weaver Hall, and the most coveted toilets on all of NYU’s campus: The Gallatin Building.

Free Food

Because you’ll be spending your entire salary to repay student loans, now is the best time to take advantage of all the free food at NYU. Luckily, someone started a Twitter account by that exact name. Seriously. @FreeFoodNYU.


Do you need an current ID to get into the health center? Answer: No! On the fourth floor, you can pick up all the free condoms you want for a post-graduate career full of safe sex.


With all those life science and other “beneficial” requirement classes, you might not have had the opportunity to take every class you wanted to during your four years here. And while you can no longer officially enroll in UAX7R, or whatever class-naming scheme they’ll have in five years, there’s nothing stopping you from sitting in on any lecture in any building that doesn’t require an ID scan.


From now until the day you die, whenever those ladies at Spacemarket scream “NYU?!” when you check out, just nod your head and enjoy that sweet 10% discount (Treat yourself to an extra piece of sushi!). If they give you the business, you can always flash your NYU ID (Plus we’ve heard rumors that there are stores on University Place that aren’t Spacemarket that give NYU Cards a discount?)

Bobst (Kind of)

When Kafka said of Prague that it “never lets you go, this dear little mother has sharp claws,” he may as well have been talking about Bobst Library. While the behemoth of a ‘brary can be a drag during midterms and finals, it’s a great place to get work done or check out some rare books. After you graduate, you can visit Bobst three times for reading privileges only. After that, you’ll have to shill out $45 / year for membership privileges.

NYU Buildings

Here is the comprehensive list of NYU buildings you can access just by flashing your ID to the security guard:

– Silver Center

– Gallatin Building

– Warren Weaver Hall

– Center for Genomics

– Journalism Institute

– Pless Hall

– 194 Mercer Street

– Education / Steinhardt Building

– 25 West 4th Street

– 19 West 4th Street

– Tisch School of the Arts

– 411 Lafayette

– Third North Music Rooms / Lounges

– Weinstein Dining

Have any other ideas for what to score with your post-grad NYU Card? OUTRAGED that you won’t be able to get into Kimmel seven weeks from now? We’re sure you’ll let us know in the comments.

*None of these activities are condoned by NYU, and doing them will probably get you thrown in some sort of academic jail made out of problematization and heteronormativity, or whatever.

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