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/ March 7, 2013
Record Store Bleecker Bob’s Closing in May, FroYo To Replace It

“A long, long time ago / I can still remember how that record store used to make me smile”

Resident record store Bleecker Bob’s is closing at the end of this year, and it’s being replaced by a froyo place. While we’ve known that they were closing since December of last year, a new Facebook post confirms that they’ll be out by May 2013. The post reads:


looks like the new tenant has signed the lease. we’ve heard they want to be open by June 1. it will take probably around 2 months to get work permits for the massive remodeling job they’ll need to do so we’re figuring we should be open until May 2013!!
—get ready for another chain of self serve yogurt/coffee/hot chocolate cafes NYC!!”

For anyone who doesn’t know where that place is, yes, you do. Its record store right below Washington Square Park that you bought your first posters for your dorm room, and picked up your first vinyl for the phonograph your uncle fished out from his attic for a graduation present. Just like the guy who gave out coupons for Dallas BBQ on University and your favorite NYU security guard, you’re going to miss it when it’s gone.

While we can guess which “self serve yogurt” place will be simultaneously gentrifying Greenwich Village and making us fat next year, the store will still be open for two months or so. Pro-tip: take advantage of rare records being right below WSP. Two days ago, Bob posted about some new rarities that just came in to the store, like this 12 inch of The Smiths’ Shoplifters of the World Unite. For those out there who know what this is, it is kind of a big deal. The store is still blitzkrieg-bopping until the end, so pick up some music while there’s still time.

“And good ol’ bros were drinking 40s and chai / singing, Bob was a pretty cool guy.”

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