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/ March 6, 2013
[PHOTOS] Four Months After Sandy, Staten Island Still Recovering

Although Staten Island’s suburban expanse often flies below the radar of cosmopolitan Manhattanites, it’s still a part of New York City. Hurricane Sandy tore through the region at the end of October, but even after four months, it’s obvious that coastal areas are still hurting. We took the X1 bus to Great Kills one morning to document the lingering effects of the storm on coastal Staten Island. More photos after the jump.

The extent of the damage is major. Much of Great Kills Park is still closed to the public, Littered with fallen trees and surrounded by temporary fencing. The park has also been troubled by radioactive contamination from a former landfill site and environmental cleanup is ongoing. Despite all of this, the park is slated to reopen this spring or summer.

Vacant but relatively new condominiums in Eltingville sit neglected, awaiting repair. Though still sporting extensive damage, the area looks much better than it did just after the storm.

Sandy shuttered many small businesses both temporarily and permanently. Many stores could not afford repair costs on top of lost revenue from being closed during that brutal week in October.

Photos by Caleb Savage.