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/ December 20, 2012
[MAP] Which Dorms Were NYU’s Loudest In 2012?

When finding a seat in Bobst is harder than explaining to your parents why you need more money for the fifth time this month, sometimes you wish you could just study in the dorm. Of course, the “The city IS our campus!” ethos can make it hard to study at home with the clamorous city streets as your front lawn.

Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg’s open data initiative, we no longer need to rely on rumor to see which dorm hands out earplugs on welcome day! We took a look at 2012 noise complaint data to see which dorm inspired the most residents to pick up the phone and complain that people won’t stop bringing the noise.

While Hayden may be known as the party dorm, they actually keep things fairly quiet. Girded with the quiet Washington Square Park, only 25 noise complaints were lodged on Hayden’s block in 2012. Also bordering the park is the quiet Goddard, with only a handful of complaints this year. Freshman dorms Brittany and Rubin were also relatively calm, with only 16 and 28 complaints on their blocks, respectively.

Uptown, dorm life gets a lot louder. Lying at the ever-busy 14th Street and 3rd Avenue intersection, Coral Towers is in ResLife’s noisiest block with 169 noise complaints this year. Down the street, Palladium and Carlyle catch spillover noise from Union Square, with noise complaints numbering in the eighties. And Founders, despite hiding behind that calm church façade, racked up 133 noise complaints on its block.

Downtown, students may find it just as hard to study. Situated on a busy block at the intersection of NoLiTa, SoHo and Chinatown, the Broome Street dorm’s block received 153 noise complaints in 2012. Put in more human terms, the noise was so unbearable almost once every other day that someone picked up the phone and registered their displeasure. At Lafayette things were a bit more placid, with only a few dozen noise complaints lodged on the block which also hosts Family Court and NYC Supreme Court buildings.

The conclusions from the data seem to be that, while life in the residence hall may have the calm camaraderie you expected in college, get ready to deal with noise from  traffic jams and businesses in sophomore year and above (This blogger can testify, having kept his fifth-floor Palladium windows closed all year due not to the weather, but the near-constant honking outside on Fourteenth Street).

If dorm life is too loud for you, Bobst is beginning to clear out and there are lots of ways you can vent your frustrations there.

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