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/ December 6, 2012
Chris Hayes Highlights The Brilliant Cooper Union “Pizza-Pulley” On The Rachel Maddow Show

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Chris Hayes, face of MSNBC program Up With Chris Hayes, helped host the The Rachel Maddow Show yesterday and it was pretty damn amazing. While covering the  Cooper Union student protests, Hayes included video footage of the quirkiest aspect of the demonstration thus far in a segment called “Moment of Geek.”

Since Monday, a group of students have organized a sit-in on the 8th floor of the Foundation Building as a means to oppose the potential tuition change at the school. In the clip, starting at the 3:17 mark, we see the students inventing a pulley-like contraption to deliver pizza to the hungry protesters.

Using balloons, string, and a counter-weight, the students created a system to deliver Two Boots pizza to the 8th floor window, managing to keep the box flat and the pie intact. As Hayes aptly noted, “These are quality engineers and future engineers we’re talking about” and this machine is “ingenius.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Hayes finished the segment by saying “this [pizza-pulley] not only keeps their bellies well fed, but also it keeps their dreams of trying to protect a free college education alive for another day.” If only there was a pizza-pulley machine installed in Bobst.