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/ December 5, 2012
A Great Guy Like Bill Nye

You may only remember Bill Nye as the kooky, extra-tall guy in the lab coat and red bowtie who made baking soda volcanoes and held test tubes full of green bubbly liquid. But you may not realize that not only is Nye one of the most well-known and influential scientists and educators, he is also a generally ridiculous, unusual, and incredible human. Here are some of our favorite things about our beloved Science Guy:

In case you forgot, The Science Guy’s theme song is basically just the words “Bill Nye the Science Guy” repeated over and over, while a deep voice screams “BILL BILL BILL!” in the background.

On The Science Guy, Bill Nye does some of the most ridiculous things ever done on television. In this episode, Bill drives a convertible straight into the ocean like a total badass. In this one, he forces a tiny replica of himself to walk through quicksand, sound effects included.

Recently, Nye has been an outspoken advocate for climate change mitigation. In this clip from Fox News, Nye puts the proverbial smackdown on climate change deniers, backing up his beliefs with indisputable scientific research.

Bill Nye’s scientific advocacy hasn’t stopped at climate change. In this video released last August, Nye criticized evolution deniers and claimed that creationism is “inappropriate” to teach to children, citing fossil records and data that provide clear evidence for evolution.

Nye’s fake Twitter handle, @Bill_Nye_tho, is possibly one of the funniest ones out there. Here’s a quick taste:


The Cornell University grad worked as an engineer at Boeing and is good friends with Buzz Aldrin. Shia LeBeouf is also a huge fan of the Science Guy—here’s a picture of Shia kissing Bill Nye.

In addition to several  other shows and series since The Science Guy, Nye served as Vice President and then Executive Director for The Planetary Society,the world’s largest space-interest group. He also played a key role in the MarsDials project, which secured two sundials on Mars. He was inspired by his father, Ned Nye, a prisoner of war who  became fascinated by sundials after living without electricity for four years in Japan.

He won a Steve Martin look-alike contest.

He carries a card of the periodic table in his pocket.

He owns a patent for ballet pointe shoes.

He still bikes to work.

Nye has been hailed as one of the greatest science educators ever, because of his dedication to making science fun and accessible to kids. The former comedian won seven Emmy Awards himself, and his show won 18 Emmy over five years.

And if all of this still hasn’t convinced you, check this little gem out. You won’t be sorry.

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