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/ September 20, 2012
7-Eleven Is Eating The East Village

Have you ever strolled through the East Village on a breezy September afternoon, and thought to yourself, ‘I would really love to cram two pounds of frozen purple liquid down my parched throat’? If so, you’re in luck: 7-Eleven has officially invaded the East Village!

There are now four 7-Eleven stores between Broadway and Second Ave. They’re located on Broadway and 12th Street, near IHOP on 14th Street, on 142 Delancey Street, and on St. Mark’s and Second Ave. And just when you Alphabet City denizens thought you’d have to go all the way to Second Ave to get your hands on a 100% beef Big Bite dog rolling around in its own grease, the Local East Village broke the news Monday that Bar on A, which closed this past summer, will be replaced shortly with yet another 7-Eleven.

That brings the East Village count up to five for the Slurpee-peddling convenience store, which is the world’s largest convenience store franchisor, with more than 46,000 separate outlets across the globe. The company also took the #9 spot on Entrepreneur’s Fastest Growing Franchises List for 2012.

Some residents fear the homogenization of an area of New York that prides itself on its unique charms and unusual oddities. Bringing in a national chain like 7-Eleven threatens the quirky small businesses and delis that rely on East Villagers to keep them afloat.

“Having been born there I do understand,” Margaret Chabris, a native of the West Village and current national representative of the chain, told the Local East Village last March. “But having worked for the company as many years as I have, I know what we’re trying to do is share something that’s convenient to the neighborhood.”

Whether you welcome the Slurpee-wielding convenience conglomerate, or reject its mega-corporation presence, you have to give them credit—they now offer Maple Pancake Sausage Rollers. That is, undeniably, quite an accomplishment.

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