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/ April 19, 2012
Mayor Continues War On Smoking (In Your Living Room)

When cunningly-crafted legislation and a stubborn hatred of smoking intersect, there can only be one man at the crossroads: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg is a long-time opponent of mankind’s two favorite things to roll and smoke: tobacco and marijuana. Since banning smoking in New York’s parks, restaurants and bars, the mayor now has his eye on private apartments.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the mayor intends to propose legislation that would require building owners to explicitly state whether or not smoking is allowed in apartments and public areas.

Though the law would not explicitly prohibit smoking in apartments, it would owners to pick a side (the mayor’s office hopes that more will choose the smokeless route).

Inch by inch, the mayor is advancing the front line in his war on smoking. If the trend continues, New York’s considerable number of smokers may soon have few places left to get their fix.