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/ November 23, 2011
Celebrate The Survival Of St. Marks Bookshop With A Party!

Over the last few months, independent bookseller St. Marks’ Bookshop fought with Cooper Union for a rent reduction. At first, Cooper Union said no, a lot of signatures were collected and some famous people joined the effort. Finally, just like the end of a Dickens’ novel, everything turned out all right and the St. Marks’ Bookshop still stands. Why not celebrate this victory with a party? Cue the party music!

Hosted by The Cooper Square Committee, the neighborhood organization on the forefront of saving the store, the event will be a combination of a victory celebration and 34th birthday party for the shop. It all goes down on December 1st, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. 

Gothamist got a hold of the invitation, and posted its cheery contents online:

“Together we have scored a victory for the St. Mark’s Bookshop and the Lower East Side!…Cooper Union has agreed to a new one-year lease to reduce their monthly rent to $17,500. The bookshop has a $2,500/month rent reduction and Cooper Union will forgive back rent owed. This is a $37,500 win for the bookstore. We won through a lot of organizing—including your signature among the 44,128 on our online petition. Thank you!”

Any NYU bibliophile should definitely attend this shindig. The store is actually a stumble and a roll from Alumni Hall, and only a few blocks from the dorms in Washington Square Park and Third North. Who knows? You might see Salman Rushdie in a festive hat and eating a piece of cake.

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