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/ March 10, 2011
Lady Gaga Gets Political For Gay Marriage, Leopard-Print Lingere

Lady Gaga is finally storming Albany. Sadly, it isn’t a collaboration with musically talented former gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillian. Instead, she’s fighting for gay rights, but this time, it’s more than a mediocre club anthem and a music video that’s like watching Fantasia 2000 on LSD.

According to City Room, at a recent sold-out concert in Buffalo, NY, everyone’s favorite UVL-second-runner-up called out Republican State Senator Mark Grisanti from upstate, urging everyone in the audience to e-mail him and demand of his support of same-sex marriages in the state of New York.

And just in case any of her little monsters couldn’t trek out to historic HSBC Arena, she spread the message on Facebook and Twitter, too. After the show, Her Gaganess tweeted, “Buffalo, we need SEN.GRISANTI to help pass NY STATE MARRIAGE BILL email [email protected] #IWasBornThisWay.” As expected, her message warranted a decent response: while Grisanti usually receives between 50 to 100 e-mails daily, “he received 600 messages regarding same-sex marriage, some from outside the United States and some even in foreign languages.”

But, as it usually is with the Haus of Gaga, there’s a ridiculously silly wrinkle. Along with the tweet, Lady Gaga posted this picture. Now, I’m no James Carville, but if I was calling for serious sociopolitical change, I would refrain from showing off my new leopard-print thong and fish-net stockings in the same message. But then again, I can’t pull off wearing a meat dress on the red carpet or storming the Oscars in a dinosaur egg. Also, it is entirely possible this is her casual wear. I throw on pajamas and an old high school gym shirt, Lady Gaga throws on neo-stripper chic. Hey, I don’t know her.

This story leaves me with some burning questions. Why post the seemingly random lingerie pic? If Lady Gaga has about 29.5 million fans on Facebook and 8.6 million followers on Twitter, couldn’t she get more to e-mail for a political reason? What other things can Lady Gaga make her fans do just by a single announcement? If she has enough time to go to Buffalo, New York City’s crazy frostbitten cousin, why won’t she swing by NYC to be our 2011 graduation speaker? Will Former President Bill Clinton bring out his thong too? These are questions that must be asked in today’s political climate.

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