(UPDATED With Photos) Rally With Locals And Students To Preserve Cooper 35 Today

Kurt Yalcin hasn’t been involved in demonstrations before, but the thought of losing an 186-year-old building where the “cheapest, strongest drinks around” are served is enough to bring out his inner activist. The CAS senior created the Facebook event “TAKE BACK (ASIAN PUB),” which already has nearly 200 students listed as attending, to promote the rally to preserve the building at 35 Cooper Square. The site was the former home to Diane DiPrima and current home to Cooper 35 Asian Pub, the cliché NYU hangout known to many NYU students (especially 3rd North residents) simply as “Asian.”

35 Cooper Square was sold for $8.5 million to developers in November, clearly frightening both sentimental locals and thirsty NYU students enough to take action.

The rally, spearheaded by the Bowery Alliance for Neighbors, will take place at 4:30 p.m. today in front of Asian Pub. BAN is circulating a petition encouraging landmark designation for the site, saying that it has “been both a significant participant and a surviving witness to New York City history for almost 200 years!”

Yalcin sees this as an opportunity for the NYU student body to join with the local community in a rare display of unity. “Students can ‘fight for the right to party,’” he told NYU Local, “while helping the neighborhood preserve a building which means so much.” Right on, man.

Send any photos and tips from the rally to tips@nyulocal.com.

UPDATE: Here are some photos from the rally:


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  1. andrew says

    Be careful about Tom Duane. He will stand up and swear his support but will sell you out in a moment. He’s the one who created Christine Quinn – darling of developers and landlords and he’s said nothing about it, still supporting her.

  2. sally young says

    I am not an NYU student, I am middle aged and upwards, and have lived in the East Village for close to 31 years. I too LOVE the Asian Pub-it is one of the best things going in the East Village-great food-great prices-an incredible owner and wonderful staff!!!. The building is also one of the oldest in the East Village, and the oldest on Cooper Square. I also did the initial research on this building and I want to see it preserved. 35 Cooper dates from circa 1825. It was a highly functioning building in the 1800’s, and from 1850-1875 it was Marshall’s Porter House, a noteworthy Tavern in the 1800’s. It moved to Ann Street in 1875 due to renovations to be done on the Cooper Square building. It later became another Tavern, and then began to house artists beginning in the 1940’s. In the early ’60’s, Beat Poet-Priestest, Diane DiPrima lived there. It returned to being a tavern or something like that in the 1980’s and has continued. It was always connected with artists throughout this time period. I suspect many artists still go to 35 Cooper Square(I’m one of them) for its cheap and delicious eats/great prices for the artist budget, and a wonderful historic building that dates back to Nicholas William Stuyvesant, the first owner, who was the great-grandson of Peter Stuyvesant, first governor of what was to become NYC. I love this building,with its Federal Style simplicity and orderliness, that makes people feel comfortable with it and its surroundings. This is something we need to understand for those of us who love Federal Style so much. They are orderly and yet very comfortable buildings. Their style invites you into them as opposed to so many of the new glassed front buildings that are unapproachable in their style. We need to keep our small, historic, cozy, and approachable buildings not just for historic reasons, but to maintain a balance in architecture, and the unapproachable architecture that is taking over our downtown, East village, and Bowery neighborhoods. 35 Cooper Square is a building that must be saved!