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/ November 1, 2010
Share Computer Files at Aram Bartholl’s “Dead Drops” Around the City

In a year that has given us Facebook Friendship Pages, there’s no end to creatively (and creepily) sharing your personal information through your computer anymore. And with his new project “Dead Drops,” German digital artist Aram Bartholl is making sure no New Yorker can escape the urge to participate. No wi-fi necessary.

The idea of “Dead Drops” is pretty simple — over the past few weeks, Bartholl has been physically implanting USB flash drives into random walls and buildings around the city. Just plug the USB into your computer and drop or find any files (each location already contains a file explaining the project)¬†onto the dead drop. That’s it — completely anonymous, no questions asked. Just don’t blame us when you stumble upon a .mov of somebody’s favorite porno.

According to Bartholl’s website, the entire project is still a work in progress, and hopefully, anybody with a spare USB drive will eventually be able to create their own dead drop location. Currently, the closest dead drop to campus is at a payphone inside the Union Square station (photo after the jump), but there’s also one near the entrance of the New Museum.

In the meantime, this isn’t only digital art in the city recently — “Dead Drops” is part of a larger “X-Lab” campaign by Eyebeam, the popular non-profit art and technology center in Chelsea, intended to involve the public in creative ways. You can follow other “X-Lab” projects on the Eyebeam tumblr here.

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