NYC Tip: Going To Concerts Alone Does Not Suck

When I recently told my friends I was planning on going to a concert alone, I was greeted with a mix of reactions, including but not limited to shock, incredulity, respect and pity. Lots of pity. But after going and having a fabulous time, I am determined now to set the record straight and let the world know that going to concerts alone does not suck. In fact, it can make for an even better experience. Take it as backlash because I don’t have any friends, a desperate bid to up my coolness ante, or a genuine account — no matter what, here they are: six reasons to go to concerts alone.

1. You don’t have to worry about anyone else.
Sometimes you’re just really, really, into a band and your friends aren’t. If you’re going to a show with them, you’re going to have to constantly worry that they’re not having fun. You’re going to have to go to the bar with them to get another drink when they look bored. Ladies, you’re going to have to miss your favorite song to go to the bathroom with them when they have to go. Even worse, what if they start complaining about the music/the guy next to them that’s groping them/ the fact that they can’t see anything halfway through? When you go alone, you don’t have to worry about anybody else — just the music!

2. You can go any time you want to and you won’t have to deal with flake-outs.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. I trust everyone has had the experience of having to wait for a friend to put their make-up on or something as the seconds tick by and you know you’re going to miss the opening band. Or even worse, when a friend texts and says “actually i can’t go anymore because I’m doing my math homework” at the last minute (!!!). But then again, according to this post that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, because you want to go alone anyway. However, if you were planning to go alone the whole time, you wouldn’t have to worry about that — you can leisurely go about your day and then head to the venue.

3. You can act completely ridiculous and no one will ever judge you for it.
Almost my favorite reason, if only because I’m a terrible dancer. When you go to a concert alone, you can dance all you want! You can bang into people next to you, sing off key at the top of your lung while getting the lyrics wrong (hate when that happens). Even if you end up making a total fool of yourself and everyone at the concert hates you, no one back home will ever know. Ever.

4. You can wrestle your way to the front without being completely obnoxious.
When you’re a little vertically challenged like me, or even when you just want to get a better view, getting to the front of the crowd is crucial. At every concert, there’s always a mad scramble for the spaces right in front of the stage, where you can kind of just lean forward and look into the lead singer’s eyes. In order to get to those VIP positions, a little obnoxiousness is a must. Shouldering your way forward, drink in hand, will not be half as annoying to those around you if you’re the only person in your party doing it. A group of ten, however, doing the same thing, will probably incur a fistfight if not worse.

5. You can meet people!
This is definitely my favorite reason, and arguably the top perk to going to concerts alone. What could be more beautiful than going to a venue where a huge group of people who are into the same music that you’re into, who think the same things that you think are beautiful are also beautiful, are congregated? Concerts are the ultimate bonding place for people who love the same things, and when you meet people you have a musical affinity with, the experience is amazing. When you’re with friends, you tend to stay in your own bubble and only talk to them. You could seem unapproachable. Sometimes just a smile, a shout or a look at a stranger next to you when a great song comes on is an awesome bonding experience. I’m getting emotional just typing this.

6. You can take lots of pictures and spite your friends afterward by taunting them with what they missed.
Finally, in order to let your friends know that you can have fun without them too, take loads of high resolution photos with a fancy camera of the band, how close you were to the stage, and the awesome people you met at the show to taunt your friends with. It will make them wish they came with you, but will also let them know how much fun you had without them. Two birds with one stone — being spiteful never felt so good.


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  1. Minyong Shin says

    This author is absolutely amazing. Not only for the entertaining post but also for her courage in what many others would not do.

    Except, I digress reason #3. Camera phones along with YouTube could easily rule that out. I could definitely see “Crazy Asian Woman at the _____ Concert” being a viral video. Not that this author would be that specific Asian woman.

  2. says

    @ Minyong why thanks, of course i don’t know you in real life at all ;) (I’m just going to ignore the second part of your comment)
    @ Zach solution: do not take photos of yourself. just take photos of the band.

  3. Casey L says

    I did it! I decided spur of the moment to go even though none of my friends could go with me! I LOVED IT. I’m almost glad I didn’t go with friends because it put me out of my comfort zone and I talked to a couple people. Got one guys number. :)

  4. Courtney Grubb says

    Found this googling about going to concerts alone because i’m doing it for the first time Friday and a little bit nervous, and it sounds like it’s going to be a great fit for me because I already do all of the crazy/humiliating/obnoxious things WITH my friends…I don’t care what they think, that’s why they’re my friends, and if they’re not having a good time well that’s their problem haha. but anyway, my point is, concerts are my favorite thing and there’s no way i’m missing it just because i could only get one ticket! Super excited :)