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/ September 14, 2010
Ultra-Hip Author To Speak On Campus Same Night As Vampire Weekend

That’s right: 7pm this Thursday at Kimmel, ultra-hip, wicked-cool, super-animal-friendly author and NYU Professor Jonathan Safran Foer (profiled by NYU Local last year) will be reading from his newest non-fiction book, Eating Animals, which explores the misery of commercial fishing, factory farming and the like.

But, “Oh no!” you may be shrieking, if you like myself are an ultra-literate NYU Freshman desperately eager to take in all of the culturally relevant and wonderful things that the big, bright city has to offer than your smaller, dimmer hometown did not. If you’re fearfully thinking, “That’s the same night super-literate, super-cute, all-around-feel-good-band Vampire Weekend is playing Radio City Music Hall!” then you are, sadly, correct. Vampire Weekend is playing a (long sold out) three-night set, and if you’re anything like me you already purchased your invariably shitty tickets on StubHub months before moving to the Big Apple (which you’ve resigned to call “The Big Apple” only in the strictest irony).

So, NYU-ers, the culture vulture choice is yours. Either way, you probably won’t be disappointed. But I will say this, attending a Lit event will certain earn you more hipster points for creativity.