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/ April 19, 2010
Fall Down the Rabbit Hole at Rubulad

Far, far away from Washington Square, there is a place that every NYU faux-hipster is dreaming of. This Friday night I went to that place and I am still speechless. This place is called Rubulad. Off the Flushing Avenue stop on the G train, Rubulad isn’t exactly in the best neighborhood (the further end of Williamsburg, towards the beginning of Bed Stuy) but it’s one of the most fun places I’ve been in New York.

What is it? Technically, it’s a themed monthly warehouse party/concert/feast/bar that leaves you perplexed beyond all belief. Started in 1993 in the heart of Williamsburg, Rubulad has since relocated to its current location. Being inside Rubulad is what it I’m guessing it’s like to be inside the brain of Lady Gaga. A friend of mine accurately assessed that it was like a realistic representation of what it’s like to “fall down the rabbit hole.” It’s also like what I picture the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter to look like in real life.

This month’s theme was “Loose Mother Goose” and the group of friends with whom I went with were all dressed up in nursery rhyme themed costumes. Hey, it lowers your cover by five bucks (to $10) and it’s always fun to pretend that it’s Halloween. I wore a spacesuit (salvation army, $6) and had a cows nose, therefore making me the cow that jumped over the moon. Other members in the cast of characters included Little-Bo-Peep, her sheep of course, and little bunny foofoo.

As I approached what I thought was the right address (338 Flushing Ave.) a door swung open and a red light jutted out of the door and lit up the street. I was quickly ushered inside, not in the creepy “get in bitch” sort of way but in a completely welcoming way. We were greeted by a friendly bouncer who ID-checked and collected our cover. Then immediately we dispersed to explore.

The building is sort of a half-inside half-outside mess of terraces, roofs, and secret hideaways. Over the course of one trip to find my lost friends, I headed from outside, up onto the roof of the building, to inside again, then crawled into what was fashioned into a white glowing igloo corner. It was insane.

It’s definitely an experience not to be missed. I almost felt like I was in New York during a different time period — the era where hipsters are pretending to be from. I’ll be going back a couple more times, until the novelty wears off of course, so maybe I’ll catch a few of you by the absinth bar, or in the igloo, or on the moonbounce, whatever happens to be in the rabbit hole that night.

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