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/ February 1, 2010
NYC Tip: Actually Using the Bus

Screen shot 2010-02-01 at 1.52.07 AMHere at NYU, we all like to pretend that we’ve become real New Yorkers by memorizing the MTA subway map by heart, one of the first rites of passage for anyone living in the city. But here’s another useful way of utilizing your MetroCard: actually using the bus. Yes, the bus — that gigantic vehicle that frequently comes close to running you over.

I know, I know. The MTA is probably one of the most poorly run government agencies in the country, and Crash made you feel ghetto for riding the bus. But think again about managing transportation in these contexts:

Of course, there’s many other situations (I can’t say that word seriously after Jersey Shore) you can be in that would best be served by using the bus. Check the MTA bus map for all bus lines.

But beware, this is the MTA, which means bus schedules are subject to change unexpectedly and the drivers look perpetually hungover. Fares are also still $2.25, which means Crash might have been right after all.

But seriously, how the hell are you going to get out of Spanish Harlem?

Photo by Flickr user hikarisuperexpress used under Creative Commons license.