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/ January 29, 2010
In Which Rosie and Andy Hunt Down the Elusive Spiderman

In Which Andy and Rosie Hunt Down the Elusive Spiderman from NYU Local on Vimeo.

In the name of serious investigative journalism, Andy and I tracked down that guy – many of you may have seen him around – who does Spiderman-themed rickshaw rides around Lower Manhattan. We narrowly escaped death and got a ride to class in the bargain. “That Guy That Does that Thing” (he won’t use the name Spiderman, to avoid the legal wrath of Marvel) is a Miami native named Shaun. To preserve maximum mysteriousness, he hasn’t divulged his last name. Unfortunately, he’s leaving the city soon because of strict pedicab rules (who knew?). If you’re interested, his YouTube channel has more footage of rickshaw derring-do. The question is, how does Tobey Maguire feel about this?

Co-produced with Andy Heriaud