In Which Rosie and Andy Hunt Down the Elusive Spiderman

In Which Andy and Rosie Hunt Down the Elusive Spiderman from NYU Local on Vimeo.

In the name of serious investigative journalism, Andy and I tracked down that guy – many of you may have seen him around – who does Spiderman-themed rickshaw rides around Lower Manhattan. We narrowly escaped death and got a ride to class in the bargain. “That Guy That Does that Thing” (he won’t use the name Spiderman, to avoid the legal wrath of Marvel) is a Miami native named Shaun. To preserve maximum mysteriousness, he hasn’t divulged his last name. Unfortunately, he’s leaving the city soon because of strict pedicab rules (who knew?). If you’re interested, his YouTube channel has more footage of rickshaw derring-do. The question is, how does Tobey Maguire feel about this?

Co-produced with Andy Heriaud


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  1. Andy Heriaud says

    He is insistant that since he’s pulling a rickshaw and only works for donations he doesn’t have to get a pedicab license, but nonetheless he doesn’t want the hassel.

  2. says

    MIAMI!!! Represent, yeah boy.

    Anyway, this was awesome. I’ve always wanted a ride with him, shame he’s leaving. Maybe he’ll try his craft in Miami and I’ll see him there… Doubtful =(

  3. Cecilia Diaz says

    Wow! As i read this i thought “this guy ripped off Spiderman rickshaw guy from back home!”
    I live in a neighborhood of Miami, Coconut Grove, which has a little shopping/restaurant area named CocoWalk, known for it’s rickshaw rides. And this guy is from there and I had a rickshaw ride with him where he Matrix-style jumped off a wall!

  4. says

    What I liked most about this (awesome) video was the actual rickshaw experience. Like I had no idea that it was such a theme park ride. I mean, he SCALED AND JUMPED OFF OF A GARBAGE TRUCK. So funny.

  5. Alexander Pack says

    This is one of the most interesting pieces I’ve seen on Local. I’ve actually taken a ride with spiderman before and the video pretty much captures the exhilarating experience. I didn’t know Spiderman was from Miami. Whenever I see him gliding down St. Mark’s Place I always think to myself, “Only in NY.” But I guess you can find him in Miami as well!
    I’m very impressed with the video, the reporter, and the story. Great job, Local.


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