NYPD Cracking Down on Sidewalk Cyclists

IMG_4875According to the Post, the NYPD has recently begun handing out more tickets to bike riders on sidewalks. In Gramercy and Chelsea alone, cops delivered 43 summons (tickets are $100) last month to sidewalk cyclists, mostly including restaurant deliverymen. What’s a deliveryman got to do to deliver fried dumplings these days?

Cycling groups are satisfied by the recent trend, justifying the activity as “enlightened enforcement.” As they say, safety first, and there’s nothing safer than forcing you to bike on 6th Ave. during rush hour.

So take heed, NYU cyclists — either stay off the sidewalk or bring your Razor scooter to class. Otherwise, you risk getting brutally assaulted.

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  1. Vivek Nemana says

    But it’s not unsafe for a biker to zip along the sidewalk amid unsuspecting pedestrians?

    Drivers expect bikers to be on roads. Pedestrians don’t expect bikers to be on sidewalks. Biking on a crowded road during rush hour totally sucks, but it’s less risk than going through a crowd of walkers. Some bikers are very careful when they go on the sidewalk and that’s fine, but many are obnoxious and negligent. I’ve seen bikers screaming at pedestrians to get the fuck out of their way and I’ve been clipped by sidewalk bikers who passed too close. I’ve even seen bikers on sidewalks on small streets that don’t have much traffic, which seems like an obviously bad choice.

    I don’t understand why we can’t just have bike paths on all the avenues. It’ll take away only a few feet from the width of the road, it’s inexpensive to implement, and it makes the most dangerous roads much safer for bikers.

  2. Pier Harrison says

    YES! Everyone knows most bicyclists are of a lawless breed, adhering to neither the rules of the road, or sidewalk. They run red lights and pedestrian “stop” signals alike with reckless abandon. This behavior is dangerous, stupid, and scary. It’s high time that the Law crack down on these renegades, and put them in their place.