PETA Holds Zombie Protest in Front of KFC

Over 100 people dressed up as zombies gathered outside of the KFC in Herald Square on Saturday as part of PETA’s Basket case”>Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign to protest KFC’s terrible treatment of chickens. 

“Even flesh-eating zombies have nothing on the Colonel’s cruelty,” says PETA’s Dan Shannon in a press release. “We’re urging consumers not to set foot inside a KFC restaurant until the company stops these abuses.”

The protestors held signs saying “I’d rather be dead than eat KFC,” but since zombies are known to eat humans, perhaps the alternative is not so great. 

Photo: Tina Paul / WENN


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  1. Henry Chan says

    The next time I see PETA protesting in front of a restaurant, I’ll make it a point to go inside said restaurant, order out and eat the (probably delicious) food in front of the protesters.

    Where are the baby harp seals?

  2. Valerie Tierney says

    Henry Chan, I would just like to say you are an ignorant peice of shit, and I hope you suffer a miserable death.


  3. Estrella Garcia says

    you know, ive noticed that people dont give a fuck about this. now, im only 13. but if it takes a god damn protest to make these people stop eating meat, then we’ll do it.

  4. Andrew King says

    Peta now has everyone’s attention again. Why does everyone like meat anyways. Veagan is way healthier and no animals are harmed.

  5. Jenifer M says

    Good for them!
    People need to learn whats happening and take a stand.

    … and to the people who don’t like PETA- get over urself, atleast they are doing something, while u sit around on ur lazy ass
    I wish u were that chicken!
    So instead of leaving stupid comments about how stupid they are… go get a fucking LIFE!!!!

  6. Henry Chan says

    @ Valerie: Hi.

    @ Jenifer: And what are they doing? Protesting the fact that people are eating good food?

    @ Valerie: Hi again. I really wish you don’t mean that. But, alas, you’re probably from PETA, so you probably do. I intended my comment about the baby harp seals to be funny. I don’t really want baby harp seals to die. Have you seen the pictures?? ADORABLE!

    But, I guess you don’t understand my sense of humor.

    But regardless, after I read about PETA trying to put up an ad in a Canadian paper, comparing the beheading of a man on a Greyhound bus to the slaughter of animals…Well, I lost whatever respect I had for the organization. Not that I had much to begin with.

    So protest all you want. You’re not stopping me from eating my meat.

  7. Pixie Howard says

    Congratulations to PETA!
    As a big supporter, I am congradulating you on yet another well organize event. Good job, guys!

    Pixie Howard

  8. david davidson says

    @ andrew king, you keep believing that veagan is healthier. meanwhile, ill keep my protein intake high. because that, my friend is healthy.

  9. Melissa Edwards says

    Good job PETA. When people respond in a negative way I love it! It means a nerve was touched. If they were confident in their lifestyle and ways , they would shrug it off.
    Peta is standing up for something they believe in. I suggest you get off the computer and find your cause to fight for :)

  10. Darian Dorman says

    Wayyy To go PETA! Everyone loves a good protest ;]
    I’m 15 and would love to be in a PETA protest. But Sadly they dont have anyone in oregon!
    How Lame!
    Oh Well! I Love the whole zombie Thing BTW :]]]]]]]]]]]

  11. taylor lawicki says

    yay peta

    i would NEVER eat KFC

    i love peta and i love that this collage did this kind of thing too:)

  12. Seannach MacLochlainn says

    While I admire PETA’s dedication, personally I have two types of teeth in my mouth – those for vegetable matter and those for meat. I’m happy being a meat eater who chooses her sources carefully and loves almost all vegetables.

    Everyone has the right to voice their own opinions; but how you choose to live your life is your own right as well. I think we all need to practice respect with one another more.

    Thank you and have a nice day!