50 Wonderful, Horrible, And Ridiculous Things Your NYU Tuition Has Funded

Whether you’re thinking about heading to NYU or you can’t wait to get the heck out of here, one thing’s for sure–tuition ain’t cheap. Here are some of the perks and pitfalls that show how your $60K a year gets put to use.

1. Face time with Alec Baldwin
2. Summer homes for NYU executives
3. A class taught by Jonathan Safran Foer or Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown or Richard Florida or Questlove or even John Sexton
4. The chance to get called a “little shit” by James Franco
5. Face time with Martin Scorsese
6. IRHC’s Flurry at Wollman Rink
7. The IRHC closet stuffed with candy and miscellaneous costumes
8. The IRHC Housie costume
9. Free meals during Hurricane Sandy
10. A free crash pad during Hurricane Sandy
11. A school-wide party during Hurricane Sandy (including a man on stilts and cardboard cutouts of Barack Obama)
12. At least one cheap wine and cheddar cheese event per weeknight
13. Semesterly NYU Albert meltdowns
14. NYU Classes/ATLAS/Blackboard
15. The Leslie eLab for entrepreneurs Read more…

NYU Professor/First Look Media Advisor Jay Rosen Hopeful For New Snowden-Themed Online Mag

Will a new news model save journalism from an advertorial demise? Well, First Look Media’s successful grand-publishing of The Intercept, an online magazine being led by journalist Glenn Greenwald,  might just provide some hope for the dying trade.

The Snowden-saturated publication had its own headlines lead the day’s news cycle, after the site published rare, unseen photos of the United States’ intelligence facilities and reported on the huge role cellular geolocation plays in determining drone strikes.

“The Intercept came first because there are more Snowden stories that need to get out,”  Jay Rosen, NYU Journalism professor and now advisor for FLM, told NYULocal. Read more…

NYU Study Abroad Guide 2014: Washington, D.C.

Because the first study abroad application deadline is February 15, we’re publishing new guides to NYU’s study abroad sites every day through next week. We’ll help you decide which language you’ll want to drunkenly learn. Check out all our Study Abroad coverage here.

This past semester, I was one of only four NYU students living and studying at NYU’s DC site. In between classes, my internship, the government shutdown, and my briefings at the White House, I like to think I learned something about myself—namely, that I’m a boss-lady who can handle much more than the standard NYU On-the-Square fare. The Capitol Hill lockdown and the Syria hearings made it a unique time to be in the city, but here’s why I think it was totally worth it.


Subjects taught:

  • History
  • Environmental Studies
  • Journalism
  • Metropolitan Studies
  • Politics
  • Public Policy

—While the foundation of Washington is embedded in law and government, NYU DC offers much more than just a stock list of politics courses. I’m a journalism and metropolitan studies double major, but my interests lie in writing about politics. If you’re somewhat interested in politics and NYU DC offers courses in your major, I would highly recommend attending. Read more…

POTUS Admits He “Fumbled” On Affordable Care Act; Delays Insurance Plan Cancellations

 It looks like Obama’s team at the White House is throwing a Hail Mary pass to keep the Affordable Care Act in motion–without Congress’ interception intervention.

The President announced that if your insurance plan was previously slated to get cancelled due its lack of compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s minimum coverage, you could keep your current plan for another year.

The announcement comes after President Obama’s previous speeches on the ACA, when he said like a broken record: “if you liked your insurance, you could keep it.”

Now he’s spinning:

“I completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot of Americans,” Obama said during Thursday’s White House press conference.”Particularly after assurances from me that if you like your plan you can keep it. To those Americans, I hear you loud and clear…and today I’m offering an idea.” Read more…

Local Went There: MLK Anniversary At The Lincoln Memorial

Amid the preliminary speeches and cheers on the National Mall in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, I stumbled onto a hill near the Lincoln Memorial, armed only with a camera, a notebook, and a press pass.

Past the crowds of press, big-name speakers stood on the memorial’s steps—including three former United States Presidents—reviving parts of 1963’s original rally cry for equality, and attempting to incite a second movement of social justice for a new generation of Americans.

Some 1,500 members of the media were in attendance, blocking the view for most of the general entrants with bulky cameras and plastic tents. Why such a huge event would permit a 19-year-old student into the press corral was beyond me. Read more…

The Obama Administration Is Having the Worst Week Ever

Yo, Barack Obama is pissed. Less than a year into his second term, he’s dealing with Congress’ rigid take on gun control, the outcome of the immigration reform summit, and now, he’s got conspiracy theorists saying “I was right all along! The government is watching my every move!”

Regarding the never-ending saga of Benghazi, the CIA admits to watering down talking points. In Washington, the Department of Justice admits to seizing two months worth of phone records of AP journalists. And the IRS admits to what they previously denied–they were targeting and rejecting an inordinate amount  conservative groups from tax exemptions.

Conservatives everywhere have steadied their targets. Get ready for the shot.

Read more…

Hipster Gawker Knew About Williamsburg’s Demise Before It Was Mainstream

Hipsters? Beacon’s Closet? Gentrification? The Times is on it!

It’s been a week since The New York Times published “How I Became a Hipster,” (previously titled “Will.i.amsburg”) which would have been an insightful look into the quirks of living a Williamsburg lifestyle–if it had been published eight years ago. The piece follows humorist Henry Alford’s journey from life as a square into full-fledged hipsterdom. Alford embeds himself “among the rooftop gardeners and the sustainability consultants and the chickeneers” and finds that the residents “verge on the precious” and “[t]oday’s twentysomethings are self-respecting, obvi.”

Corrections for the piece are just as sigh worthy.

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Local’s Resident Texan Talks Gun Control After The NRA Congregates In Houston

The National Rifle Association just wrapped up its annual meeting in Houston back in the Lone Star State. Some highlights: Texas Governor Rick Perry fired a big gun for funsies, a bleeding Obama zombie target was banned, and Sarah Palin recieved a standing ovation for her speech.

This is the same speech in which she represented her 4.5 million “brothers and sisters” of the NRA by wagging her finger at the “lamestream media,” a “poodle-skirted cheerleader for the president” and giving her audience the wink and nudge of the elbow with names in her family like “Trigg” and “Remington.”

Palin’s speech and the NRA’s annual meeting were unfortunately scheduled within the same week as the Profile in Courage award ceremony in Boston. So just a few days after Palin performed her schtick, former U.S. Rep. and gunshot victim Gabrielle Giffords’ took the stage at the JFK Library to accept her award.

“I wish there was more courage in Congress,” Giffords said. “Sometimes, it’s hard to express it. I know. It’s been a hard two years for me, but I want to make the world a better place more than ever.”

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Should We Be Scared Of The Koch Brothers’ Possible Newspaper Buyout?

Hey, remember last week, when the newspaper reporter was named 2013′s worst job of the year–outranking lumberjack, actor, and even soldier? Remember 2007, when the Wall Street Journal, one of the most prominent financial newspapers in the world, was bought out by none other than Rupert Murdoch? And remember those couple of newspapers that were forced to go out of business because nobody was buying their paper copies?

You probably know the Tribune Company by their papers–the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the Orlando Sentinel, among others. Well, as it turns out, it isn’t just small papers that are going out of business. The Tribune Company is seeking new investors for its remodeled platform, formed after going into bankruptcy in 2008. The leading contenders for stakes in the Tribune Co. are the Koch brothers.

Yeah, those Koch brothers. The starting bid for the Tribune Co.? $600 million. But that’s nothing when you realized that David and Charles Koch are worth a combined $62 billion.

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By Delaying Immigration Reform, Are We Letting the Terrorists Win?

Last week, Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for an immigration reform bill began just days after the Boston tragedies allegedly instigated by two former Chechneyans who came to the United States after their father sought political asylum. The timeliness of the hearings has inspired renewed debate on immigration and could possibly delay a new bill.

It may seem like a cheap shot, but Marco Rubio, the junior Republican Senator from Florida, is begging everyone to take the bait:

“I disagree with those who say that the terrorist attack in Boston has no bearing on the immigration debate,” Rubio told the committee. “Any immigration reform we pursue should make our country safer and more secure. If there are flaws in our immigration system that were exposed by the attack in Boston, any immigration reform passed by Congress this year should address those flaws.” Read more…