It Can’t Let Go:Hit List Will Have One Night Only Performance At 54 Below

It was announced yesterday that Hit List, one of the two fictional musicals from doomed culture touchstone Smash will be performed as a concert for one night (and two performances) only this December at 54 Below. The show appeared on Smash‘s much-followed but little-viewed second season as an edgy, downtown rival to Bombshell, the Marilyn Monroe bio-musical which the first season followed the making of. Written by tortured, drug-addled Jimmy (Jeremy Jordan) and sweet, angelic, sacrificial Kyle (Andy Mientus), Hit List tells the story of… something… about… music? And murder? and basically is a lot like Rent but with way more iPad dancing.

While it’s plot was certainly more convoluted than Bombshell‘s, and we’re ultimately happy that Ivy, Julia and Tom snagged their fake Tony’s in that poorly lit Marriot Marquis, Hit List breathed some much needed musical life into the second season of Smash, featuring catchy tunes by the very real life Joe Iconis, Tony nominees Benj Pasek & Justin Paul, and others. The show’s sheer insanity nicely mirrored that of Smash’s and helped make one of Television’s most delicious on-and-off air sagas beautifully bizarre in a way we probably won’t see again. Ever.

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Significant Brothers Looks At The Lighter Side Of Twincest

Significant Brothers, a new web series from Tisch Senior Charlie Walden and his real-life twin Jack is a hilarious and hysterical romp that answers the age old question: If you and someone else shared the womb, is it gay for you guys to have sex with each other? The Walden Brothers slightly-offensive, sometimes-deadpan and always deliciously slanted humor shines through in Brothers, which currently has two episodes online. We met up with the twins in their Park Slope home to talk about comedy, the internet and Low Winter Sun.

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Alas, Poor Kerry Lost At The Emmys (And Our Entertainment Editor Is Ranting About It)

White Hats OFF.

For the 7.5 million of you who watch the best show on television, you know this means something very, very bad. Last night, in a disgusting display of idiocy and sheepishness, Claire Danes won her second Emmy for the portrayal of some unstable white lady on a show that is good because it’s on Showtime and all of your friends are talking about that New Yorker piece about it, so it’s good, right?

This denied America’s Sweet Baby, Kerry Washington, the chance to be the first ever African-American recipient of the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama series, and sent this devoted Scandal fan (or “Gladiator,” as the show’s no-nonsense creator, Shonda Rhimes, calls us on Twitter) into a rage spiral.

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“What Goes Into Fiona Apple’s Burrito Bowl?” And Other Questions We’re Still Asking About That Chipotle Commercial

As we learned last Thursday, Fiona Apple was kidnapped by Chipotle corporate and forced to sing covers of our favorite childhood songs in the voice of Lindsay Lohan’s cigarette butts (scared, crushed, taken for granted, but vital.) Sure, the argument could be made that this is “old news.” But that discounts the fact that this is probably the most significant cinematic moment certainly of 2013, if not the whole decade so far– art and commerce and activism have all met on the back of America’s favorite sad vegan necromancer! Every time we’ve re-watched the video– which, running at three minutes and twenty three seconds is more of a “Short Film With Strong Product Placement” than it is a “Commercial”– we’ve come away with more questions than answers. Maybe you can help us out:

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T Time! With Hank Willenbrink

In our series T Time!, we’ll talk to theatre artists with shows opening in New York, usually while drinking tea. The “T” stands for “Tea” and “Theatre,” but in this e-mail edition we had an iced coffee and our guest did not disclose his beverage, if there even was a beverage on our guest’s end. The magic of the internet!

Hank Willenbrink’s play The Boat in the Tiger Suit just finished its run at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg. As it’s billed, “In this surreal dark comedy, directed by Jose Zayas, Hank Willenbrink interrogates the divisions and distinctions that make up family. Set on two different dinghies, The Boat in the Tiger Suit begins at Herman’s funeral, who left his family to join the army (and hide from his wife in the process). As Herman’s wife searches for reasons to make her adult children stay, her son Rene slips off to seduce Gene, the solider who accompanies Herman’s casket. Meanwhile, Rene’s sister April attempts to free herself longtime partner and high school sweetheart, Dave. Tacit allegiances are formed, tried, and tested as the quartet of remaining characters stare into an uncertain future of turbulent waters which may contain tigers.” Playwright Willenbrink answered some questions from NYU Local via e-mail this weekend.

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T Time! With Mallery Avidon

In our new series T Time!, we’ll talk to theatre artists with shows opening in New York, usually while drinking tea. The “T” stands for “Tea” and “Theatre,” but in this edition we had a nice beer and our guest had a tiny little Diet Coke from a glass bottle.

Mallery Avidon is a playwright interested in the intersection between fact and fiction. Her play O Guru Guru Guru, Or Why I Don’t Want To Go To Yoga Class With You, based on her own experiences growing up in an ashram, premiered this past March at the Humana Festival of New American Plays in Louisville, KY. Her other plays include Breaks & Bikes and Mary-Kate Olsen Is In Love. Mallery is originally from Seattle, WA where she received a BFA in Theatre from Cornish College of the Arts before attending Brown University’s MFA Playwriting program.

Her new play, queerSpawnbegins performances tonight at the HERE Arts Center in a production by A Collection of Shiny Objects. The play takes on, among other things, Dan Savage and the “It Gets Better” project.

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T Time! With Eliza Bent

In our new series T Time!, we’ll talk to theatre artists with shows opening in New York, usually while drinking tea. The “T” stands for “Tea” and “Theatre,” but in this edition we shared a plate of french fries. We both enjoy Mayo.

Eliza Bent is a playwright and performer. In her new play, The Hotel Colors, which opens Wednesday night at The Bushwick Starr, “Six travelers spend one night in a rundown hostel in the outskirts of Rome. Speaking in direct translation from Italian into English the eccentric voyagers form a temporary community and unexpected friendships as they fail–and flail–in their attempts to communicate.” Eliza’s work includes Toilet Time at Catch! 50, ”Little Theatre” at Dixon Place and the Great Plains Theater Conference and Kharma Kharms (or Yarns By Kharms) at the Target Margin Theater Lab. She is a MacDowell Colony fellow, a New Georges affliated artist, and a company member of Half Straddle. Her show Blue Wizard/Black Wizard, with music by Dave Malloy, will premiere at the Incubator Arts Project in December 2013.

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T Time! With Lucas Hnath

In our new series T Time!, we’ll talk to theatre artists with shows opening in New York, usually while drinking tea. The “T” stands for “Tea” and “Theatre,” but in this edition we had an iced coffee and our inaugural guest had a regular coffee. Neither of us took milk.

Lucas Hnath earned both a BFA and MFA in Dramatic Writing from Tisch and is currently a professor in the Expository Writing Program. His play Death Tax was produced at the 2012 Humana Festival of New American Plays at the Actors Theater of Louisville, where his short play nightnight was seen this year. Death Tax earned him a Steinberg/ACTA Award Citation, and will be seen at the Royal Court this summer. Lucas’ play Isaac’s Eye completed a successful run at the Ensemble Studio Theater this past March and he will premiere Red Speedo at Washington, DC’s Studio Theatre next season. He is currently at work on a play for Tisch’s Graduate Acting program. His new play, A Public Reading of An Unproduced Screenplay About the Death of Walt Disney, begins performances at Soho Rep tomorrow.

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How To Trick Yourself Into Thinking Spring Has Arrived

As you all probably know, it’s technically been spring since last Wednesday. Unfortunately, our spring break (for those of us who stayed in New York/on the east coast) felt more like an arctic adventure. If you’re anything like me, the sliiiight signs of sun/potential for temperatures in the upper 40s makes you want to go outside without a coat and skip down the street non-suggestively enjoying a popsicle.

SO, here are some creative ways to make the most of this (somewhat) pleasant weather, even if our fingers are still numbing a bit if we text while walking (which you shouldn’t do, guys).

Our Facebook Poll Determined You Don’t Have Confidence In John Sexton. Or Maybe You Do.

One vote.

If the 2008 Kevin Costner vehicle Swing Vote taught us anything, it’s that sometimes the biggest decisions come down to a single vote. But we’re not talking about some silly made up movie election between Kelsey Grammar and Stanley Tucci (wait, what? How did this movie not win every Oscar that year?  What even won that year? Slumdog Millionaire? Are you kidding me?) We’re talking, of course, about NYU Local’s recent Facebook poll asking you, the reader, how you would vote if presented with a vote of no confidence against University President John Sexton.

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