This Is The Man Behind NYU Secrets

The founder and administrator of NYU Secrets is senior Aristotelis “Aristo” Orginos. A frequent Redditor, Orginos also participates in the Men’s Rights movement.

As NYU Secrets administrator, Orginos facilitates a massive audience of approximately 30,000 readers and contributors. NYU Secrets is a place for comfort and outcry; unity and division. A community.

Yesterday Orginos agreed to write a statement for NYU Local detailing, in his own words, how his self-professed bias might spill over into the management of NYU Secrets. He quit the project several hours later with the understanding that I would resume writing this article using the screenshots, sources and quotes I’d already assembled.

Outside his duties as administrator, Orignos posts in the Reddit group r/mensrights. The men’s rights movement argues that men are oppressed and disadvantaged by women, a view that lends itself to bitter misogyny in some circles and has led the Southern Poverty Law Center to describe the movement as a hate group.

Orginos does not appear to write hate.

He has, however, used Reddit to lash out at NYU Secrets users, particularly women. On multiple occasions, Orginos posted links to secrets on Reddit. There, he accused NYU Secrets commenters of being “SJWs” (social justice warriors) after they discussed women’s safety issues such as reported rape on campus, and the link between the men’s rights movement and May’s UCSB killings. Read more…

Graduate Students Receive Checks For $5 After Email Error Promises Hundreds

An administrative error in NYU’s student health insurance program has left some graduate students scrambling for cash.

On May 1, 2014, approximately 52,000 students received an email promising a refund on their student health insurance policies. Among these students was Joanna Sterling, a PhD student  in NYU’s psychology program. Expecting a refund of $485.02, Sterling purchased new glasses and contact lenses. But instead of receiving $485.02 when her refund arrived on June 16, Sterling opened a check for $8.53.

“As graduate students, we live paycheck to paycheck, and often have to forego things like getting an up-to-date eye prescription,” Sterling writes in a statement from graduate student union GSOC-UAW Local 2110. “Not receiving the refund I was promised was very difficult for me because I already spent the promised amount on new glasses and contacts, an expense that I would have tried to forgo without the extra money.” Read more…

BREAKING: NYU Tel Aviv Closes For Fall Semester As Fighting Continues In Israel

NYU will be shuttering its Tel Aviv campus this fall, spokesperson John Beckman says. The move comes after weeks of prolonged violence in Gaza and multiple failed cease-fires between Hamas and Israeli Defense Forces.

In an August 6 email to NYU Local, Beckman said the move to close the campus was decided out of concern for student safety, as well as the possibility that events in Israel would disrupt NYU Tel Aviv’s academic program.

“As to NYU Tel Aviv,” Beckman said, “We have been closely following events there.  When we make evaluations in circumstances like these whether to suspend classes for a period or to evacuate students, we tend to err on the side of caution first and foremost with respect to the health and safety of our students but also with respect to whether we think the full academic program we intend for our students may be disrupted. In this case, it was not an easy decision to make, but earlier this week we informed the students signed up for NYU Tel Aviv that were suspending the program for the fall — some had already been in touch with us about their concerns about going — and anticipate resuming the program in January.  In part we made the decision now so that there would be enough time to enable us to work with the students to finalize alternative arrangements for their fall studies, which we are doing now.” Read more…

William Berkley To Replace Martin Lipton As Board Of Trustees Chair

William Berkley will succeed Martin Lipton as chair of NYU’s Board of Trustees.

In an email to students this week, Lipton announced Berkley’s election as chair-designate, a 16-month transitionary position ending in October 2015, when Berkley will become chair in full.

Lipton, who has chaired the board for 16 years, will remain on in a lesser capacity, as one of the board’s 65 acting members. “I am getting too old and have served too long,” Lipton said of his retirement in a New York Times this April.

Berkley, the chair and CEO of insurance holding company W. R. Berkley Corporation, has a long history with the university. A graduate from the Stern School in 1966, Berkley joined Stern’s Board of Overseers in 1987, the NYU Board of Trustees in 1995, and the NYU Langone Medical Center. He has been a Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees since 2004. Read more…

Local Stops: Horrible Dudes And A Godzilla Attack

Someone is writing the names of Columbia University’s alleged rapists on bathroom walls.

Alec Baldwin was arrested today for disorderly conduct and riding his bike the wrong on 5th Avenue.

“He weathered the storm of irritations with his characteristic fortitude, eyes trained on his dog-eared Noam Chomsky reader.” Everyone needs to read this liberal dude erotica.

Batman does not look happy to be played by Ben Affleck.

“Godzilla would produce 12,921,400 gallons of urine per day.” New York City officials plan for a Godzilla attack.

Photo of the Day by Rishi Bandopadhay.

Surprise! The NYPD Is Still Spying On Muslim New Yorkers

Stop-and-frisk may be on the decrease, but racial profiling still runs strong among New York City’s police force.

The NYPD regularly detains Muslim New Yorkers for low-level crimes, and pressures them into becoming confidential informants within their Muslim communities, the New York Times reports. The Citywide Debriefing Team, an arm of the NYPD’s Intelligence Division, locates Muslim detainees in temporary holding in city jails. The Debriefing Team stalls the detainees’ arraignments by interrogating them on topics unrelated to their accused crimes.

Bayjan Abrahimi, a food cart vendor from Afghanistan, found himself in front of the Debriefing Team after he was arrested over a parking ticket in 2009. Instead of a speedy arraignment, he was detained by three members of the team, who questioned him on his religion, the nationalities of other worshippers at his mosque, and whether he was familiar with any members of Al-Qaeda. The detectives had also researched Abrahimi’s hobbies and family, and questioned him on his brother, a taxi-driver in Afghanistan. Then they asked him to turn spy. Read more…

Only YOU Can Prevent Bobst Smokers (If You Apply For This Weird On-Campus Job)

Are you looking for a job? Do you have strong opinions about people smoking outside Bobst? Are you an all-star “interacter”?

NYU might have the just the career opening for you.

Earlier this month, NYU posted a listing on its CareerNet site, advertising for a student worker at Bobst Library. The student would be responsible for approaching the people smoking under Bobst’s recessed entrance, and asking them to move at least 15 feet away from the building.

We’re not volunteering (this job sounds too much like my short-lived career as a fifth-grade hall monitor), but if you’re ready to take on the surly masses of Bobst Smokers, check out the entire listing below: Read more…

NYU Law Students Subpoenaed After Writing Petition Against Trustee

Who said no one pays attention to petitions?

NYU Law students Luke Herrine and Leo Gertner were issued subpoenas for their private emails over spring break, after they wrote and circulated a petition against NYU Law trustee Daniel Straus. The petition, delivered to NYU’s Law Dean, was a protest of alleged labor law violations at Straus’s company Care One Management. But when Herrine and Gertner delivered the petition, they were served subpoenas at their homes, demanding that they turn over all private communications relevant to Care One Management.

“Since being served with the subpoenas, Leo and Luke have been forced to curtail their private communications with friends, family, professors, and colleagues for fear of expressing an opinion or misstating a fact that might draw them further into the litigation process,” a representative for the subpoenaed law students told NYU Local in an email. The demands for the students’ information were issued by Care One Management, pursuant to an ongoing civil lawsuit by the company against its workers union.

Now, instead of studying for finals, the first and second-year law students are preparing for a court battle. Fortunately, Herrine and Gertner are not alone. NYU Law alum John Cuti signed on as the students’ attorney, while administrators at NYU Law agreed to cover the students’ legal fees. Other students and faculty members have also thrown their support behind Herrine and Gertner, drafting a new petition demanding that the subpoenas be withdrawn. Read more…

Martin Lipton To Step Down As Chairman Of Board Of Trustees [UPDATED]

Martin Lipton will step down as chairman of NYU’s board of trustees next year, the New York Times reports.

“I am getting too old and have served too long,” Lipton told the Times this Friday.

Lipton, who has been head of the board of trustees for 16 years, will remain on the board, but in a lesser capacity, as one of the board’s 65 acting members. His exit from the leadership position comes at a critical moment of change for the University: Lipton and President John Sexton are two of NYU’s most powerful directors. But with Lipton stepping down next year, and Sexton following in 2016, the University will soon undergo a significant change in leadership.

Lipton’s resignation will also affect the decision of NYU’s next president. According to the Times, Sexton was Lipton’s “handpicked choice” for president in 2002. With Lipton absent from the next selection process, the board might take a different direction in selecting the next university president. Read more…

Washington Square Park Reveals Renovations (Bathrooms, A Playground, And More Puppies)

Attention park-goers: Washington Square Park now has bathrooms.

Fences were removed from the construction site on the park’s southwest corner this Monday, concluding a massive restoration project that began in 2007. So just what can we expect from WSP’s latest facelift? Read more…