Martin Lipton To Step Down As Chairman Of Board Of Trustees [UPDATED]

Martin Lipton will step down as chairman of NYU’s board of trustees next year, the New York Times reports.

“I am getting too old and have served too long,” Lipton told the Times this Friday.

Lipton, who has been head of the board of trustees for 16 years, will remain on the board, but in a lesser capacity, as one of the board’s 65 acting members. His exit from the leadership position comes at a critical moment of change for the University: Lipton and President John Sexton are two of NYU’s most powerful directors. But with Lipton stepping down next year, and Sexton following in 2016, the University will soon undergo a significant change in leadership.

Lipton’s resignation will also affect the decision of NYU’s next president. According to the Times, Sexton was Lipton’s “handpicked choice” for president in 2002. With Lipton absent from the next selection process, the board might take a different direction in selecting the next university president. Read more…

Washington Square Park Reveals Renovations (Bathrooms, A Playground, And More Puppies)

Attention park-goers: Washington Square Park now has bathrooms.

Fences were removed from the construction site on the park’s southwest corner this Monday, concluding a massive restoration project that began in 2007. So just what can we expect from WSP’s latest facelift? Read more…

The Charter School Crunchdown And Why De Blasio Might Be Right After All

What would you do if Columbia University opened a new campus in the middle of Bobst? New computers, new bathrooms, multi-ply toilet paper; but you couldn’t use any of it. You don’t go to Columbia, silly.

Take this scenario, double the overcrowding, and imagine all the students are four to eleven years old. This is the predicament of many NYC students whose public schools have been co-located with charter schools.

But let’s take a step back. What is co-location, what are charter schools, and why are so many people talking about Mayor Bill de Blasio’s involvement?

Co-location is the act of operating a charter school within an existing public school building. Charter schools are publicly funded, independently run institutions. Like public schools, charters are free for students, except these charters are not bound by the same state educational policies that govern public schools. On February 27, de Blasio approved 14 charter schools for rent-free co-locations in public schools. But three other charter schools failed to meet de Blasio’s four-point criteria for co-location in already-crowded buildings, so he halted their moves into existing schools. And that’s when every political voice started shouting at once. Read more…

This Is What We Search For When We Search For Porn

We don’t ask what you do in your free time. You don’t ask what we do in ours.

But if you were wondering what people are jerkin’ to after class, porn site PornMD recently released a live feed of visitors’ search queries. This is a sample of America’s weirdly specific kinks:

-”Cat Porn”

-”Naruto cosplay”

-”2012 olympics” (Those steeplechasers, amirite?)

-”Granny neighbor”

-”mardi gras compilation”

-”altos” (Steinhardt, is that you?) Read more…

Global Liberal Studies Freshman Found Dead In Midtown Hotel

The NYU community suffered another tragic loss yesterday. Rowen Altenburger, a freshman in Global Liberal Studies, was found dead shortly after noon in a midtown hotel, in what police sources are saying was an apparent suicide. She was 18 years old.

Altenburger’s body was found after her mother tracked her phone to the Bryant Park Hotel room where Altenburger had been staying.

“It breaks my heart to hear about this,” Ryan Feng, an NYU student and friend of Altenburger, said. Following news of Altenburger’s death, Feng was among hundreds who expressed their grief online.

Friends remembered Altenburger as a talent young woman. “Rowen was a very talented artist,” Feng said. Pursuing a degree in Creative Management and Art Direction, Altenburger was gifted at watercolor illustrations and graphic design, and posted a number of series of her artwork on her website. Read more…

BREAKING: Parents Rent NYU Student An Expensive Apartment

Dorm life cramping your style? Dummy! Everyone knows that the only way to be happy is to pay more.

At least that’s what NYU junior Vanessa Csordas-Jenkins did. In a bizarre New York Times article, Csordas-Jenkins describes her move from the Broome Street dorm and its unsightly “ventilation gaps” to a more livable $2,100/month apartment of her very own on Union Square.

“It was impossible for me to live comfortably in that situation,” Csordas-Jenkins says of Broome, the roomy SoHo dorm. She wished she had “checked the box that said are you willing to pay more, because I need to be a healthy person.”

Her chief complaint was noise. “Earplugs combined with a white-noise machine were not enough” to secure a restful sleep for the junior who, like her former roommates, chose to attend college in one the world’s largest, noisiest cities.

Will Csordas-Jenkins find happiness in her new $2,100 crib? What the hell is a white-noise machine? Are New York Times readers mocking NYU students for our near-cartoonish privilege? So many questions!

Read more…

Holiday Shopping For People You Hate With NYC’s Craigslist

As the demands of finals wear on, don’t forget the pressing obligations you owe to family and friends back home. People who, in a few short days, will welcome you into their homes, asking nothing in return except maybe a small token of appreciation, like the Christmas presents you’ve totally purchased and gift-wrapped already because you are a dutiful and loving child who never procrastinates.

But while shopping for loved ones like parents and siblings is reasonably easy, shopping for your less-loved-ones can prove more difficult. People like your sister’s boyfriend who moved into your basement, or that weird aunt who inexplicably gave you an empty box for Hannukkah when you were 6. Fortunately, NYC’s Craigslist has your back, with hundreds of users desperate to sell you their used belongings for surprisingly reasonable prices. What are you waiting for? Check out these gems like:

For your pretentious neighbor studying painting at SVA: this incredible painting of Mayor Bloomberg holding an “owl” of “darkness”. Read more…



Congratulations! You’ve aced your exams, finished writing all your A+ papers, and earned standing ovations on all your final performances! Oh, what, you mean you’re not done yet? Then what are you doing on the internet, ya slacker?

Nah, we’re just kidding. NYU Local supports the right of every student to procrastinate. (How do you think this article came into being? My final essays aren’t going to ignore themselves!) In the spirit of finals week, we’re here to help you postpone work as long as possible. So own your procrastination! Click a link. Click all the links. You’ll feel so accomplished if you do.

Still on the verge of doing something productive? Try one of these fun finals activities!

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Suspect Arrested In Catholic Center Assault Case

Police have arrested the lead suspect in the rape and robbery of a young woman at NYU’s Catholic Center. The suspect, arrested over a week ago on unrelated robbery charges, is believed to be behind the brutal October 31 attack on a 24-year-old Catholic missionary, DNAinfo reports.

Officials identified the suspect using surveillance footage and DNA evidence collected from the crime scene. In footage released by the NYPD, the suspect is seen walking near Washington Square Park around the time of the 5:30 a.m. attack. The suspect’s fedora (seen in the surveillance footage) was found near the crime scene. Police used DNA from the hat to conduct a wide-scale search for the attacker. They found a DNA match in a homeless former convict who was arrested over a week ago in connection with several strong-arm robberies near Greenwich Village, including the vicious beating and robbery of a Chelsea man. Read more…

“Unsightly” Hot Dog Carts Ejected From Washington Square Park

Start looking for your next $2 lunch, because by the end of the month, hot dog vendors will be banned from Washington Square Park. The carts, which maintain a steady business from broke students, visiting tourists, and hungry passersby, have been deemed an eyesore by a wealthy group of J-list celebrities and Greenwich Village elite.

“We got some word from our neighbors that [the hot-dog vendors] were unsightly,” socialite Veronica Bulgari told the New York Post. Bulgari is a founding member of the new Washington Square Park Conservancy, the group crusading against the park’s cheap lunch spots.

But don’t worry! The Washington Square Park Conservancy isn’t out to remove all vendors from the park: in place of hot dog stands, the Conservancy is lobbying “to bring in a more diverse selection of food options.” Among your “diverse” new lunch candidates will be a gelato stand owned by a Conservancy member, and Melt, a ritzy bakery cart that sells $4 ice-cream sandwiches. Because there’s nothing unsightly about an ice-cream that costs twice as much as lunch. Read more…