National Writer Kyle Cheromcha Guest on RT America Newscast

The Alyona Show, a news show on RT America, asked National writer Kyle Cheromcha to appear on a segment they were doing on credit card debt. Check out the video here, since they apparently don’t allow embedding.

Leavin’ Blogs is Hard to Do

When I first read NYU Local’s mission statement back in the Spring of ’08, I considered it one of the most laughable and brazenly arrogant things I had ever seen on the internet. Vocally critical of WSN on my blog, I saw Local as nothing but a wannabe Gawker offshoot; I believe my exact phrasing was, “It is, as most things at NYU are, a participatory academic circle-jerk for rich kidz and gayz who want to be known in the media world, but don’t want to write about anything real.” As with most snap judgments, I took one sliver of evidence and wildly extrapolated. I mean, there aren’t that many “gayz” on NYU Local.

Not put off or offended by my overzealous snark, a few members of the core beta team lured me into their inner circle with a succession of well-phrased e-mails. The first NYU Local meeting Josh and I ever attended was at the J School building, and we sat giggling in the corner about all of the self-seriousness. Cody’s voice cracked shyly at the times he was to appear most confident; Lily Q stomped around the room on spiked heels and absolutely scared the shit out of me. They, along with almost everyone else in that original staff meeting, appeared to hate me. And why should they not? I had earnestly mocked their genuinely impressive efforts to transform the journalism community at NYU with one offhand blog post.

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Presented Without Comment: The Cover of the SCPS Summer 2010 Bulletin

NYU is Not Walmart

Photo by NYU Junior Briana James

Your Favorite Sites, Geocities Style

Some wonderful internet soul has invented a site that allows you to plug in the URL of any site you like and view what it would look like had it been built on everyone’s favorite 90′s web platform, Geocities. Their tagline is, “Make any site look like it was made by a 13-year-old in 1996!” The result is a hilarious combination of key tone 90′s music (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something!), sparkly animated GIFs and hideous background images. Check out some screencaps below.

Here’s NYU Local’s version:

More examples after the jump.
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New Proposed Filming Permit Fee Means Your Student Film Could Need a Bigger Budget

For Tisch film students, one of the great things about filming in New York is the lack of permit fees. Cities like LA have long charged filmmakers for permits, so it’s no surprise that a cash-strapped New York would eventually follow suit. The Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting has proposed a one-time permit fee of $300 in an effort to make up for recent budget cuts. Obviously $300 isn’t a lot for bigwig directors, but to students already strapped for cash trying to make art, the proposed fee is pretty annoying. But wait! There’s a glimmer of hope. NY Tix reports, “Films using hand-held cameras or taking up a tiny amount of space wouldn’t have to pay the fee, and producers can apply for an exemption based on financial hardship.” Show up to the mayor’s office in your typical NYU uniform of ripped denim, chucks and a plaid shirt, and I’m pretty sure you’ve got convincing them of ‘financial hardship’ in the bag.

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Comp Sci Professor Bans Laptops on Last Day of Class

It had been brewing all semester, and finally, on the last day of class before the final, all hell broke loose: my computer science professor decided it was time to ban laptops from class.

It was to be a review session “discussion” type class, and she didn’t want us absorbed in our screens. The professor (who shall remain nameless since I haven’t taken the final yet) had long despised the 60% of students who typed away on their Macbooks during class, and frequently threatened to ban them. In our faces bathed in screen-glow they saw nothing but disinterestedness and halfhearted attempts to look engaged. Were we really taking notes like we appeared to be, or were we simply attempting to look enthralled while stalking people on Facebook?

The truth is that we’re doing a combination of both. Of course we are reading NYU Local in Firefox, but we are also taking notes in Open Office–and hey, some students actually are just plain taking notes! And just because we’re Gchatting doesn’t mean we’re not listening. We look up about every three to five minutes just to reassure you that we are, in fact, absorbing everything you say, even if it looks like that mustachioed dude in the back may or may not be videochatting.

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In Which We Revive Our Xangas for Your Reading Pleasure

Yesterday Blogger shut down The Style Rookie, a highly lauded fashion blog written by a middle schooler named Tavi, for posting a high fashion picture of a topless model. We at NYU Local were so outraged by this censorship that it inspired us to look back into the annals of our middle school Livejournals and Xangas in an attempt to remember what it was like to blog at 13. Behold, some excerpts. Please note the Comic Sans for maximum middle school effect.

On Friends
By: Luis Paez Pumar:

Current Mood: Pissed Off
04:37 pm – ok well im venting a bit
ok this may not be the nicest lj entry ever, but w/e i need to say it…

this person that ima talk about is really right now my least favorite person in the world. she is just so rude and annoyin that i rly cant stand her anymore. she is amazingly rude to me and thinks she has the right to say whatever about me…its bullshit. shes rly gross too…like i dont want to see ur underwear every day damnit get a belt or something…if a guy wants to see ur underwear, hed try and sleep with u (i heard isnt that hard with this person)…altho i wouldnt see y anyone would want to since i wouldnt touch her with a 10 foot pole (no not an analogy) so w/e i just feel like this is too rude and i felt like writin it down…

if u know who im talkin about, great…and if not, great as well i dont really give a s*1t i just felt like writing this
Ed. Note: 3 years later Luis hooked up with this girl.

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Attack of the NYU Spammers

NYU is such a hip, plugged-in campus that we have text message alerts set up in case of emergencies! We also have an estimated 894032 listservs, which unfortunately is just one way of saying that your inbox gets spammed approximately ten times a day with info on NYU events that you probably don’t give a shit about. (Hint: we list the good ones for you). Below, some of the worst spammers on campus, and tips on how to unsubscribe from unwanted NYU e-mail attention.

My top two spammers are Amanda Gallocher and Wasserman. As you can tell from the screenshot, Amanda Gallocher sends A LOT of e-mails about senior class council (three alone on April 23rd!). They usually revolve around “fun” campus events like senior formal or things with free food, which is actually sometimes okay. Every day at 4pm I also get this really sad “Hot Jobs!” e-mail from Wasserman that is usually comprised of Stern jobs for which I’m completely unqualified. I don’t know, I’m grumpy today and I’ve never had a lot of school spirit, so every time I get an e-mail from these two I scream, hit the nearest person/thing, then delete it.

Here are some contributions from some other staff members:
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Girl, You So Fine You Make the Earth Shake

Following the declaration by an Iranian cleric that women’s provocative dress is to blame for earthquakes, Purdue University senior Jennifer McCreight decided to launch a campaign in an attempt to prove just the opposite. Today, folks, is Boobquake, or #boobquake, if you’ve been following the Twitter trending topics. To celebrate this holy holiday, all you have to do is wear a cleavage bearing dress and pray that an unfortunately timed earthquake doesn’t strike your area. McCreight plans to measure the seismic activity that occurs today in comparison with other, less cleavagey days to prove once and for all that while your boobs may cause a strong reaction in hormonal teenage boys, they do not, actually, shift the earth’s crust. Sorry, ladies.

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