How Shoddy Journalism Turned An NYU Student Protest Into Anti-Semitism

NYU prides itself on its tolerance. Sure, we can be a cynical and mean bunch sometimes. But we don’t generally consider NYU to be an unsafe place for groups. Yet that word popped up on NYU Secrets last night:

#5509: “I am an incoming freshman, and earlier today I was just saying how excited I am to be going to a school full of Jewish people. I have always embraced my Judaism, and coming from a school where they are very scarce, I was so excited to finally be amongst so many. Hearing the disgusting thing that the pro Palestine activists did to the Jewish students in Palladium, I’m not sure I feel that safe anymore.”

Quick recap: To protest Israel’s controversial demolition of Palestinian homes, members of the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) slipped fake eviction notices under thousands of doors in Palladium and Lafayette Hall, telling residents they had three days to vacate the premises. The notices—which, in all caps, noted they were bogus—stated that real ones “are routinely given to Palestinian families living under Israeli occupation for no other reason than their ethnicity.”

So how are the two connected? It starts with a piece of shoddy, disingenuous journalism. Read more…

This Year’s Commencement Speaker Will Be Fed Chair Janet Yellen

In what might be a slight push to encourage fiscal responsibility for soon-to-be poor seniors, NYU announced last night that Janet Yellen, the recently appointed chair of the Federal Reserve, was announced last night will be this May’s Commencement speaker.

Yellen is the first women to serve as Fed Chair in U.S. history, and also the first Democrat to fill the post since 1979. Although some Senate Republicans attempted to roadblock Yellen’s confirmation process, leading to the closest vote in history, she definitely has the resume for the job.

A graduate of Brown and Yale, Yellen previously served as Vice-chair of the Fed and also as CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Before that, she was the chair of Bill Clinton’s Economic Council during his Presidency. Throughout the recession, Yellen has been one of the staunchest supporters of the Fed’s purchasing of trillions of dollars of Treasury and mortgage-backed debt in order to bring down interest rates and spur investment and spending. Read more…

This 49ers Fan Is Rooting For The Seahawks Because His Own Fanbase Is A Disgrace

Let’s just clear up a couple things first. I’m a very big San Francisco 49ers fan. I watched the NFC championship game at 12:30 AM in a Berlin expat bar, then hopped on a plane at 6:30 AM. Watching American football while trying to stay awake surrounded by drunk and confused Germans is not the way to watch a game.

But what really disappointed me that night came from my fellow Niners fans on social media in the moments after the tough loss to the Seattle Seahawks. There was the usual trash talking, consisting of highlighting Seattle’s lack of class, the city’s problems with rain (ironic considering California is currently in a drought), and an overall disgust with everyone involved with the Seahawks organization, particularly cornerback Richard Sherman, who’s post-game interview with Erin Andrews stoked flames when he went after 49er receiver Michael Crabtree for being an overrated player.

But then I came across the following Facebook status from an alumni of my high school, who up until this moment seemed like a reasonable, respectful, and intelligent guy: “someone tell me how sherman went to stanford the n***a can’t speak english and talks shits 24/7 even in public interview” Read more…

NYU Local STILL Wants You To Work For Us

So you might have been too busy paying attention to Carlos Danger and Cronuts this summer to notice that NYU Local was looking for new writers. Well if you’re still interested in working for NYU’s most-read news source, you’re in luck, because we are extending our application period for the fall semester. If you’re a journalist, blogger, videographer, photographer, or just someone with a passion for the stories NYU students care about, you should think about joining. Plus we have stickers, which is always a plus. You can fill out an application by clicking the “Join” tab at the top of the page, or click just here.

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NYU Local’s New York Election Coverage 2013, Live From Brad’s

Welcome to NYU Local’s coverage of the 2013 New York City primary elections. Here you will find the most recent vote totals for elections that concern NYU students: Mayor, Manhattan Borough President, Comptroller, Public Advocate, and the City Council positions for Districts 1, 2, and 3. We will also  have live commentary throughout the night from our writers who have been covering the election, including Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Unger and Staff Writer Ben Miller. If you want to join in on the conversation, leave a comment in the feedback section below, or tweet us with the hashtag #localelections. And remember, you can always join us live at Brad’s!

Democratic Mayoral Primary: 97% of precincts reporting

Bill de Blasio 40.2%

Bill Thompson 26.04%

Christine Quinn 15.5%

John Liu 7.03%

Anthony Weiner 4.91%

Republican Mayoral Primary: 97% of precincts reporting

Joe Lhota 52.67% CALLED

John Catsimatidis 40.58%

George McDonald 6.75% Read more…

NYU Local Is Having An Election Party At Brad’s Tonight, And Y’all Are Invited

Tonight New York will decide the Democratic nominee (and most likely, the eventual winner) for mayor, and while we here at NYU Local generally think that alcohol and politics don’t go well together, we’re making an exception tonight at our special New York election night party, which is being hosted by the kind people at Brad’s. Throughout the night Local writers at Brad’s will be updating our readers as the votes pour in for the city’s next mayor and for other races throughout the city, and we’d like you to join us in person.

All NYU students are welcome to join the Local staff and alumni for drinks, good times, and probably some drunken unwanted political banter. There will also be drink specials, with specific cocktails for each of the major candidates, and at the end of the night we will release the results of our own (alcoholic) straw poll. You’ve only been in school for a week, so don’t start studying too soon, and come on by! The party starts at 9 pm, and if you’re interested in more information, you check out the party’s event page here.

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Examining New “Momentum” Campaign Sheds Light On Unique Difficulties Of NYU Fundraising

Financial aid. Those two words evoke some of the worst emotions/Internet reactions amongst students at NYU. But this fall, in the wake of a divisive last year for John Sexton and the NYU administration, the University is making a more concerted effort to alleviate student financial issues, announcing the “Momentum Campaign” in a Wednesday email to students from John Sexton. The campaign, which officially begins this fall, aims to raise $1 billion specifically for scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students by 2019. The campaign will not be without its issues however, and whether or not the campaign can achieve its lofty goal remains to be seen.

But Debra LaMorte, senior vice president for Development and Alumni Affairs, seemed confident in the university’s ability to generate the necessary fundraising. Read more…

NYU Is Closing Rubin Dining Hall (And Raising A Billion Dollars For Your Financial Aid) [UPDATED]

In a speech this morning during the Resident Assistants Convocation at the Kimmel Center, NYU VP of Global Student Affairs Marc Wais announced a new university campaign, entitled Momentum, to raise $1 billion in financial aid. Although no specific date was given for reaching this goal, with the university currently giving out only about $321 million in aid a year, according to NYU’s IRS returns, the campaign was a welcome announcement to the hundreds of new and returning RAs in attendance.

Wais also informed audience members that the dining area in Rubin Hall will be closed this year, with the dining spaces at Weinstein Hall expanding to cover the loss. Read more…

NYU Is Also Giving Faculty Vacation Homes With Your Tuition Money

NYU Local has reported on NYU’s tendency to give bigshot professors and administrators loans on multimillion-dollar residences, and pay that far outstrips most of the faculty. Everyone knows about the $25 million tax-exempt real estate company tucked away in the returns. It’s also public knowledge that former NYU EVP and current Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew received a $1.5 million mortgage on top of a pretty hefty severance package, and that the university has $72 million in outstanding real estate loans to other faculty members.

But beach houses? Beach houses are a new one.

The New York Times reported yesterday that NYU distributed loans to at least five upper administrators for second homes in Connecticut and the Hamptons. This includes a series of loans totaling $1.6 million for John Sexton’s kick-ass Fire Island getaway, a $5.7 million loan to former law dean Richard Revesz including a 65-acre Connecticut property, and a $200,000 loan to EVP Martin Dorph on a home that he already owned. And both portions of Sexton’s and Dorph’s loan are being either partially or completely forgiven.

Read more…

The Boston Marathon Bombings: The Latest Updates, NYU’s Response, And What You Can Do To Help

Authorities are still searching today for a suspect in yesterday’s deadly bombings at the finish line of the Boston marathon, which killed 3 people and injured 176, according to the most recent reports. Although there were numerous rumors that a suspect was detained yesterday following the detonation of two explosive devices, officials running the investigation have denied that they have anyone in custody in relation to the attack at this time. However an apartment was searched early this morning in the Boston suburb of Revere in connection to the bombings, according to authorities. Police were seen removing numerous paper bags and a duffel bag from the scene but no arrests were made. Read more…