Local Talks With NYU Alumna, Screenwriter & Oscar Nominee Lucy Alibar

Eight years ago, Lucy Alibar was studying Drama in the Experimental Theater Wing at Tisch. Now she’s nominated for an Oscar Award for her work writing the screenplay for the film Beasts of The Southern Wild. So what’s it like to be up for the largest award in screenwriting?

“Sometimes I forget,” she tells us, referring to her nomination.

Three years ago, Lucy wrote Juicy and Delicious, a screenplay about a little boy who has to cope with his father’s illness, which later became the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild. “As soon as I wrote the play, I sent it to Benh [Zeitlin, Beast’s director]. He came to me soon after to talk about what a film adaptation would look like, and it was just such an exciting concept for me. I think when you’re just starting out, you should just say yes to everything. That’s what I was doing, saying yes to everything, pursuing everything and maybe never sleeping, but it’s worth it because you end up writing so much.” Read more…

If You’re Feeling REALLY Single Today, Here’s What To Do

Finding an appropriate way to commemorate on yet another singles Valentine’s Day is like trying to celebrate your dog’s birthday on December 25th. Give up. No one cares. Right?

Wrong! Stop being so negative. Thanks to the city that never sleeps, there are hundreds of (non-drug related) ways to create a Valentine’s Day that’s tailored for the oh-so-very-much-yes-I-am-quite-single masses. After all, a party of one is still a party. It takes two to tango, but who the hell tangos? Assholes.

In one shameless last huzzah. a rebellion against the Valentine’s Day gods, may you party (for one) hard. Here’s how.

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NYU Owned A Noodle Factory

A little known fact: NYU used to own a macaroni business.

It was NYU’s first attempt to become a global university—acquiring Italian food. The company was called Mueller Pasta Co. and was donated to the NYU School of Law in 1947 by a couple of wealthy alumni. Dean Aurthur Vanderbilt, with his ambitions set for NYU expansion, was more than happy to accept Mueller Pasta under NYU’s jurisdiction.

The relationship was a success, to say the least. Profits from Mueller helped NYU Law refurbish and expand at a rapid pace. Mueller money was in fact so critical, that Vanderbilt Hall was aptly nicknamed “Noodle Hall” after the source of its financing. Read more…