The GROWERY Rooftop Farming Exhibition Is Bringing Sustainable Living To Campus

Tomorrow – Wednesday, October 2nd – environmental scientists, foodies, and designers/architects will rejoice as Gallatin celebrates the strides NYU students have been making toward sustainable living. From 5 PM until 9 PM at the Gallatin Galleries (located at 1 Washington Place), students and the public are invited to join Laura Seach and Emma Goode for the opening of the GROWERY Rooftop Farming Exhibition and Symposium, which highlights the recent graduates’ efforts to “engage more rooftops as spaces that are socially, agriculturally, and environmentally productive.”

The exhibition is centered around Seach and Goode’s building viability analysis for “green roof” and homegrown plants, and will include models and related graphics from the work they have completed at their rooftop garden located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at 390 McGuinness Boulevard. Over the course of their studies, Seach and Goode have found that putting vegetation on rooftops yields extreme environmental advantages that include reducing storm-water runoff, combating the urban heat island effect, improving air quality, and providing green space for humans and other animals.

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50 Non-Sexist Not-Horrible Normal Human Ways To Be The Perfect College Boyfriend

Last week the Greek life-oriented website Total Frat Move published the compelling “50 Ways To Be The Perfect College Girlfriend.” If you’re a woman (and in college), you might be thinking, “Hey, that sounds really useful”—or, if you have a brain and an ounce of self-respect, you might be thinking, “What?”

The criteria composed by the vapid, sexist d-bag known as Stuff Frat People Like is neither funny nor ironic — it’s an embarrassing and lazy catalog that encourages women to get on the pill and lie about the number of people they’ve slept with.

Seeing as we’re two college-aged ladies, we felt particularly struck by the blatant misogyny perpetuated by this BuzzFeed-esque counterfeit. To be fair, TFM’s sister-site, Total Sorority Move, published a similar article titled, “50 Ways To Be The Perfect College Boyfriend,” but shockingly their list was equally as sexist towards women, leading us to believe that both were written by the same ignorant asshole.

With all of this douchebaggery in mind, we decided to draft our own “college boyfriend” constitution. Following is the NYU Local edition of “50 Ways To Be The Perfect College Boyfriend.” Enjoy.

1. Please treat us like the living, breathing human beings that we are.

2. Don’t hate us for not wanting to have your penis in our mouths all the time. Read more…

Chelsea’s Pivotal Do’s And Don’ts Of Freshman Year

Chelsea Beeler is an old NYU Local writer. She sends us advice sometimes. This is for freshmen.

Alright, kids: you might be thinking that this will be some snarky post by some disillusioned senior about all the wacky stuff you should and shouldn’t do in freshman year. But honestly? I’m going to give you some pretty good, basic advice on how to have the best freshman year ever. Face it: you’ll only be a freshman in college once (hopefully) and you’re in an amazing city at an amazing school. People like to hate on NYU—but maybe, just for a second, we can focus our attention on some positive social aspects of this place.

DON’T: Sleep With Your Floor-mates

Wow, we’re really heating up quickly! This is a pretty advanced “don’t,” seeing as school has been in session for a week and a half. But this is really important. You’re meeting a whole new group of people for the first time in a long time (maybe ever!), and a lot of them are really “nice” and cute! But, do you really want to hook up with someone living on your floor? You guys live on the same floor. Are you sure you want to make your floormates choose between you or them once the honeymoon period is over? Read more…

Alternative (and Legal?) Ways To Enhance Your Studying Potential

Finals week is the bane of every student’s academic career. It’s the time when we all flock to the library to read everything we should have read earlier in the semester. It’s the time when we all spend hours browsing J-Stor looking for the perfect PDF to supplement an eight-page paper. It’s the time when we all hate everyone and everything.

If you’re one of those people that are lucky enough to have a “study-enhancing drug” prescription, then perhaps none of what you’re about to read will be of interest. However, if you’re one of those people who’s non-stop texting/emailing your “drug dealer” for Adderall or scouring through your purse/backpack/tote-bag like a lunatic looking for that loose Concerta you know you had, then keep reading. Following are five alternative ways to enhance your studying potential—if you know of any others worth sharing, feel free to comment below.

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Do You Want Salt On Your Rim? New York’s Best Happy Hours

So spring has sprung or whatever and classes are almost (almost) over for the semester, which means summer is coming and those of us left “stranded” in New York will be jobless and bored. Luckily, there’s this thing called alcohol, which is a great tool when it comes to passing time during the hot summer months.Wow! Can you tell that there are some budding alcoholics here at NYU Local?

Anyway, although many students like to complain about being poor and not having jobs, there are some great happy hours happening around the city e-v-e-r-y day, that bleary-eyed students tend to overlook when they’re walking through the East Village after a hard-core study session at Bobst. After the jump we’ve selected some of our favorite happy hours, and broken them into categories for your reading pleasure. If you know of a great one that we missed (because we definitely missed a few), feel free to leave suggestions in the comment box below.

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NYU’s ZBT Fraternity Has Been Kicking Ass This Year

It’s the Year of the Zebra for NYU Greek Life, which might seem strange since it’s not one of the 12 Zodiac signs and you probably didn’t know NYU even had Greek Life. Yep, that’s right—Zeta Beta Tau, one of NYU’s 16 Interfraternity Council Chapters (yes, we do have those), has pulled off some epic record-breaking feats that are more, uh, impressive than your typical keg-stand/party-throwing frat achievements.

Although a lot of you might already by wondering, “What’s a fraternity and how does it work?,” it turns out Greek Life at NYU is growing and in the process ZBT has become a standout by raising an astounding amount of money for cancer research and snagging first place in NYU’s 2013 Greek Games.

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NYU Film Student Recreates iCarly With Dads, Our Minds Are Blown

When Kyle Hiedacavage first came to Steinhardt at NYU, he realized that Media, Culture, and Communications wasn’t for him. He transferred to Tisch to study film, and the work he’s produced since then has been far from what you might expect from your average Tischie. While many film students are interested in lush production value and commercial marketability, Kyle has focused his attention on the decidedly slimmer niche of experimental video art.

In addition to a series of live-projections and performance videos, he recently completed a re-imagining of an iCarly episode (in which Miranda Cosgrove and all of the characters are replaced with “dads”) for his senior project in an experimental production class. NYU Local sat down with Kyle to talk about iCarly, re-appropriation, and his future projects.

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Hemlock Grove Is Netflix’s Twin Peaks Lite

Last Friday Netflix released 13 episodes of its newest and highly-anticipated series, Hemlock Grove, and the response thus far has been, well, interesting. The series is produced by NYU alumnus Eli Roth—of Cabin Fever and Hostel fame—and set in a quaint fictional Pennsylvania town that is rocked by the death of a high school cheerleader.

Hemlock Grove borders on camp with its brooding characterizations, teenybopper dialogue, inclusion of werewolves and magic, and, oh yeah, blatant racism. Although the storyline seems oddly parallel to that of David Lynch’s cult-classic Twin Peaks, Hemlock Grove falls unbelievably short and ends up looking more like a busted version of Pretty Little Liars, which is already pretty busted in the first place.

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“Healthy” And Alternative Ways To Smoke Weed Using Every Food Group

4/20 is tomorrow as you probably already know, but let’s say this past week really got the best of you and you’re feeling totally unprepared for the big day. You call your dealer last minute and luckily he’s able to hook you up with his last eighth of Lemon Haze, but then you remember how your roommate threw his bong out the window last weekend when he thought the cops were coming to bust that crazy party you were having. You don’t have a pipe because you left it somewhere in suburbia, you don’t have papers because you don’t know how to roll and now that your bong is shattered, you have nothing.

You think for a second that a trip to St. Mark’s might be worth your while, but then you realize you can’t justify dropping change on another pipe that you’ll probably lose anyway. So what do you do? You’ve heard of people smoking out of Gatorade bottles and beer cans and you know that you have a pen and some tinfoil lying around somewhere. Well, *NEWSFLASH*: 4/20 isn’t about inhaling nasty chemicals like BPA or aluminum—it’s a celebration of, you know, natural stuff. So why not refer to the food pyramid and take a look around your kitchen? The following is a stoner’s guide to food you can use to make bongs at home.

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WiFi Witch: YouTube Clips To Help You Troll On Facebook

There are a lot of facets of the Internet that are often overlooked by the general public and I’m not talking about Bing or Google+. For example, there’s a whole series of under 10-second YouTube videos (uploaded by multiple users) featuring Ol’ Blue Eyes, rock stars, and various rap figureheads singing/whispering/shouting some of their favorite phrases. Okay, so what? Well, as it turns out they’re perfect for navigating those pesky Facebook conversations with lame acquaintances and/or good friends; the kinds of conversations where you want to seem funny/lighthearted/not totally asshole-ish. The kinds of conversations you’ll find after the jump.

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