NYU Local Considers Huffing Poppers, Part Two: A Straight Girl’s Take

What are poppers? Who does them? Should we try them? *sniffs* Ohhhh my God, it feels like I’m laughing while doing a headstand!… Okay, let’s investigate. Here’s another writer’s take on the weird little bottle that you sniff. Check out the previous article in our series here.

Poppers came into my life as a matter of convenience. Christmas, 2012: I’d received multiple Amazon gift cards and, despite rampant book-buying, my total came up about 10 dollars short. I remembered hearing from a friend that you could buy great things on Amazon: gift cards to restaurants and stores, vibrators, and, of course, poppers. (Looking back on it now, I’m not sure why I went with poppers. Something of the mystery of them and, I guess, the price.)

Skip past two weeks of agonizing delivery and redelivery of my packages. It’s a Saturday and my roommate and I have been itching to take a sniff since the little brown box, containing the little brown bottle, arrived that afternoon. After a couple of drinks, and under the guidance of a previously “popped” friend, we took our first sniff. (Yes, since you are wondering, said friend is gay. Sometimes you have to get comfy with stereotypes before defying them.) Read more…

Celebrate Earth Day With NYU’s Clothing Swap

Add NYU’s Clothing Swap to the list of many ways to celebrate Earth Day this year in NYC. Now, move it to the top of your list.

This is NYU Local’s favorite event yet that the Office of Sustainability’s Earth Week Committee has held. The Clothing Swap, planned by the Gallatin Greening Committee, is good for the earth and good for you. Why wouldn’t you spend your Monday night eating free food, listening to rap music, and swapping out your tired wardrobe for some new clothes?

The Clothing Swap is this evening from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM in Kimmel Room 914. Bring old clothes, accessories, shoes, and whatever other fashionable (or not) items you have that are in need of a good home and you’ll be able to take away 10 items that others have brought. Read more…

Bobst Hawks Hatch Two Fledglings; Let’s Name ‘Em!

Bobby and Rosie, our feathered friends who, like so many NYU students, call Bobst their home, hatched two fledglings this weekend. After one month of suspense (the incubation period for hawk eggs is 28-35 days), the Hawk Cam is finally worth watching again.

As we reported a couple of weeks back, the three eggs seen in the nest of Bobby and Rose were due to hatch in early April. As of Friday afternoon one baby hawk had come out of its shell. As of Saturday evening, another chick hatched. One enthusiast has posted a video of the second hatching on YouTube. The same user refers to the first chick by the name Kiku. Read more…

NYU Students Take Part In Zine Revival With The Fly By Night

We are in the midst of a zine revival, friends! Tavi Gevinson’s is on a mission to bring the zine to the young girls everywhere via the internet. Just last month, the Fales Collection at NYU acquired all of Sheila Heti’s zine from her youth, Brillantine. Now we have a new favorite zine coming out of NYU to share with you: The Fly By Night.

One part blog, one part quarterly zine, The Fly By Night is a self-professed “art platform for the free-living aesthete.” TFBN, which takes its name from Charlie Chaplin’s tramp in The Kid, is DIY in technique but not aesthetic. Pages from TFBN’s newest issue resemble Vogue more than the Riot Grrrl zines that popularized the medium.

This high-fashion look is no mistake. TFBN is just as concerned with visual art as it is with fashion. Our favorite component of their blog is the Art Breaker in which Culture Editor, Vanessa Castro, turns to iconic artworks for sartorial inspiration. This fun, casual approach to highbrow art is part of TFBN’s appeal. Sorry gentleman, they have yet to look at the stylish men of paintings. Read more…

Violets Are Blue: The Best Places To Have Sex On Campus

How many times have you thought, “Wow! I am horny, but I live so far from campus! I want some sex with my loved one here and now. But wherever could I go?”

Unfortunately, NYU seems to have designed its buildings to keep hormonal students from humping all over the place, since there are little-to-no private or unused parts of campus.

Luckily, we at NYU Local spent some time getting down and dirty to investigate where, exactly, you could hook up without being too worried about getting caught. But please don’t blame us when your African studies professor walks in on you with your hand in someone else’s pants.

Read more…

Hawk Cam Is Back For Another Season

Good news for hawk enthusiasts and procrastinators everywhere: the Hawk Cam is back for another season of 1/8 compelling tragicomedy and 7/8 shots of nothing. The senior you had a crush on may have moved home after graduation last spring, but these birds aren’t ready to part with NYU just yet.

You might remember our coverage of the hawks in years past. It appears that the same pair from last year, Bobbie and Rosie, are currently nursing three eggs. City Room, the definitive source for all things Hawk Cam, reports that we can expect these eggs to hatch in early April–that’s, like, next week! Read more…

[PHOTOS] We Made NYU’s DIY “Sports Drink” And It Could Use Some Improvement

NYU’s Student Health Center has invaded the privacy of Bobst bathroom stalls as of late with a poster encouraging students to “become and stay healthy.” Their suggestion for achieving this? A totally repulsive-sounding recipe for a “homemade sports drink.”

We felt it was our duty at NYU Local to try this concoction and report back before any of you brought it along to yoga with you and something disastrous took place.

Here goes nothing. Read more…

Violets Are Blue: The Definitive Guide To Valentine’s Day

Are you sick of Valentine’s Day posts yet? We hope not, because this is the definitive guide for what to do on Valentine’s Day for any nebulous romantic situation you might be in. One of us is Ashley: a straight girl who acts boy crazy but also experiments as a LUG. The other is Alex: a gay boy who acts boy crazy but also experiments as a virgin forever.

If you’re in a comfortable relationship and want to spice up your sex life…

Alex: Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to be 100% honest with your mate. Don’t hold back, no matter what, just say, “I am a sexual creature, hear me roar! (And please put a bag over my head and call me Helen Keller)” or something. (I don’t know what kind of weird stuff you guys are into.)

Ashley: POPPERS! This is no surprise to some of you, but, straight people, do you know about this?! They’re great at parties, at home, or in the shower, but they’re even better during sex. There will be tons of tongue for a little while and you both might finally cum simultaneously (just kidding it’s not a miracle drug!)

Read more…

Violets Are Blue: Closing In On Your First-Week Crush

Love stinks, yeah, yeah. And when you’re a student at NYU, not just love, but also like and lust all stink. Really bad. So here’s NYU Local’s newest column on dating: Violets Are Blue. Because we’re Violets. And we’re blue because we’re not getting any. Check in for regular updates on how to add a little romance in your life as an NYU Violet (just don’t tell Bobcat we’re cheating on him).

If you haven’t already looked up everyone on your roster before the first day of class, this is the week of waiting with bated breath and exposed ankle for the appearance of your semester-long love interest. Against the backdrop of your professor projecting your syllabus and carrying on about plagiarism, love (like, or maybe lust, rather) begins to bloom.

Some of us at NYU Local have repeatedly made the mistake of waiting until the semester’s end before laying our game on thick enough for any potential lover to notice. Our seniors especially have learned from seven bygone semesters that this week, right now, is the gestation period (to use a very appropriate, scary metaphor) that will actually yield whatever you are looking for: a date, a hookup, a spouse. So, what to do?

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In Which We Visit The Brooklyn Book Festival, See A Fight

Yesterday marked the seventh annual Brooklyn Book Festival and NYU Local was there. Our shoulders sinking under the weight of book-filled tote bags, we settled into the pack of literary-minded Brooklyners and waded between blue tents of publishing houses and literary magazines that surrounded South Brooklyn’s Borough Hall.

Like many other friends we ran into at the festival, we ended up attending far fewer events than we planned. Specifically, we attended one talk out of the three we planned to see. But, with two outdoor stages and a number of aforementioned tents to visit, the festival places a lot of stock in its accessibility to those who are averse to the lecture model. So, despite our own aspirations, we found ourselves in the majority of Festival goers who spent most of their time amongst the vendor tents, judging books by their covers. Read more…