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NYU Local covers daily entertainment, city, national, and on-campus news in a conversational blog format appealing to college readers. NYU Local is run by a 50-person student staff whose articles have been referenced everywhere from Gawker to The New Yorker and beyond. NYU Local has quickly captured the attention of the school and is often spotted on students’ laptops during lectures.

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  1. NYU Student heads up her own grassroots art venue

    …yep, that’s me and I am so excited about it!

    Effective March 30, 2012, I founded my own grassroots art venue. It came from a “knock down/punch out” situation that got me to feet and got me thinking that there are just too many unwarranted judgment calls in the art industry, and that because of that, many of our untapped, struggling, different, NOT famous talent are let down and go undiscovered. My mission is never to judge or deny any art work (hung, written, spoken, special needs-based, youth organizations) and I’d like to focus my effort on local NYC talent, although I will certainly accept and seek out creativity other surrounding areas.

    I was wondering how I could go about letting the NYU community know that I/”art Nonjudgmental” exist as I do credit my “studentship” at NYU for for my critical thinking and ACTING efforts (NYU Press?) in getting this art venue venture going! I would really be interested in being part of NYU’s video spotlight..I do have a story of “disappointment-to-hope” to tell! Do you know where I could start?

    I also intend on working with NYU’s student with children community to propose an informal art showing for both parents and their children (and maybe even some of NYU’s untapped alumni)! I really want to involve my NYU community in my joy..your guidance would so be appreciated!

    Samantha Shapses, Associate Director, Student Resource Center, suggested that I contact you all in terms of covering me for on campus news or whatever else hou would suggest!

  2. Please contact me regarding online advertising rates- need a 3 month proposal with impressions and costs for a real estate client in NY.


  3. Hello, I’m interested in getting a quote for online advertising with NYU local. Can someone please contact me to discuss? Thanks!

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